Google And Amazon Fighting Could Affect Consumers Long Term


The Google and Amazon fight once again could affect even their most loyal customers long term if both companies don’t get their acts in order. 


Google has pulled YouTube from the Fire TV streaming devices and Echo Show of Amazon for the foreseeable future. 


This can have a major impact on the consumers of both the rival technology companies for years to come.

Google and Amazon Fight Because They Are Competitors

The current Google and Amazon fight is no different from any other squabble in this competitive global market. 


Both companies are competing for market share on the surface and will do almost anything in its power to make investors happy. 


But sometimes there is a hefty price to pay over the long haul of a product or service lifecycle. 


Granted both companies are extremely smart and heavily invest in consumer data and essentially habits of their users. 


Convenience & Trust Are Overlooked 


Often times when global companies get into a spat, consumers are always left to take the burden. 


The most important asset is always the consumer and how they will factor throughout a storm such as this. 


Convenience is a big factor and many customers will pay for it but being inconvenienced is an even bigger factor that can hurt a relationship. 


A lack of trust can occur which can hurt brand loyalty long term for any business that seemingly ignore the needs of the customers.


YouTube Content Creators Are Affected Too


The waves of the Google and Amazon fight not only affect their consumers but YouTube content creators as well. 


Users of the Amazon Echo Show and Fire TV products are use to streaming their favorite YouTubers from these devices. 


If they are unhappy with the current Google and Amazon fight, then some will not watch YouTube at all. 


This can affect the content creators of YouTube though it may be at a minimum but hence a ripple affect occurs.


Consumers Are Getting Screwed By Google and Amazon Fight


After all of the yelling, rock throwing and playing the blame game is over, the consumers are the ones who are getting screwed. 


Google and Amazon fight affects millions of consumers around the world who are loyal but some will grow tired of being inconvenienced. 


Other options are available such as Apple TV and other streaming devices that may catch the eye of consumers to help lessen the blow.

Removing YouTube And Refusal To Sell Products

Regardless of whether or not Google removed YouTube from Echo Show and the Fire TV products and Amazon refuses to offer it’s Prime Video services and sell Google’s products, some consumers will never use either again. 


Technology has changed our society and to a degree us but our feelings and impulses remain the same. 


As crazy as it sounds, people will take sides and/or blame both (which is very plausible) and likely never use certain products and services from both companies.  


Do You Think The Google and Amazon Fight Affects Consumers Long Term?



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