Go Pro Karma Drone Launches With Visual Story Marketing

GoPro Karma Drone

We live in a great moment in history currently with so many perks such as technology at our disposal.  


We’re all spoiled rotten because of the ease of some of these things like social media.  


And in our leisure time we love to do other cool things too with and without our friends.  


One of the those fun, time consuming pleasures of life is apparently being in front of action cameras and flying drones (Affiliate Link).  


Ok I know everyone isn’t doing this (at least the drone flying part) but we definitely are in front of cameras on our mobile devices.  


That’s almost daily for many people especially on social media and the visual affect definitely grabs your attention.  


I’m really fascinated how technology powerhouse GoPro is using visual story marketing in anticipation to unveil their ‘Karma’ drone on Monday September 19, 2016 in San Mateo, California.


I’m not sure of GoPro’s actual strategy for the launch of the Karma drone but I noticed some key factors in studying their approach.


Go Pro Karma Drone Website


I love to see big launches from any size company but particularly from the bigger companies.  


My belief is the smaller businesses can take something positive from the big brands because competition online is more on a level playing field.  


The folks at GoPro started a new website for their upcoming ‘Karma’ drone product and did a great job promoting the entire launch.


They were smart because they did two things that stood out to me:  combined e-commerce & highly visual elements.  


Once the event happens and orders start coming in, naturally people are going to want to buy (their target audience).


The purpose of the e-commerce aspect of the website is for sales so much info was giving before the launch.  


Lastly, as GoPro does very easily, it promotes very good visuals on the homepage to enhance the excitement of the upcoming Karma drone.


The first image is a teaser to let users know that something is on the horizon.


Clearly stating that, “Karma is out there” and to experience it by clicking the tab which is a video.  


Actually every visual element promoting the launch of the product gives you the opportunity to watch a really cool video.



GoPro Karma Drone Website



GoPro tells us below that “Karma is close” with a really cool image (and video if you click the “Experience Now” button on the drone website).  


The picture was obviously taken from high above in what appears to be a library.



GoPro Karma Drone Website 1



The third picture shows a red and white Volkswagen on top of stones with some greenery in the background.


The significance or how I interpreted the photo was something is about to arrive.  


And they tell you with text on the image that states, “Karma is coming.”  


The video shows just that because to the right as an actual red and white van similar to the one pictured is coming at a high rate of speed (that’s actually a toy van pictured below).



GoPro Karma Drone Website 2



The next visual image below tells a story of the written text on it which is cool (“If life is a dream, then why not see it as one”).  


You can almost imagine how this one goes because its definitely symbolic of something philosophic (at least that’s how I see it).  


Almost exactly how the video of the image tells is the way that I envisioned it.


The only thing that was missing was Morgan Freeman’s voice…ha…ha…ha. 



GoPro Karma Drone Website 3



I was excited just looking at the visual below because it screams adventure.


It also has zero text on it which makes me eager and anxious to want to see the actual video.  


By far this is my personal favorite and I believe its the best one.  


Every prelaunch video should have a selling point like this one does.  


It needs that bad ass video that leaves your mouth open after you say, “Wow!”  

This features Winter X Games phenom skier Bobby Brown in 4K resolution holding the drone while skiing.  


He jumps off a ramp and lets the GoPro Karma drone go in mid air and it goes high in the ski almost like a rocket.  


I was sold after I saw this video.  I said to myself, “Wow…I have to order one of these things.”  


Personally, I never paid that much attention to drones before I saw this video.



GoPro Karma Drone Website 4



I must say the website was impressive and I really understood why the marketing team at GoPro took this approach.  


It’s a visual technology company with the type of products and software that are developed so it works well with online concepts including social media too.


GoPro planned the prelaunch to perfection but really took it to new heights by utilizing their social media channels.  


Unless you have a real understanding of each platform and how your audience will react to your products and services, then its possible considerable time will be wasted.  


I studied and researched how GoPro told these exact same stories (5 videos) using their main social media to distribute their prelaunch content.  


I also noticed the engagement of the “right” platforms which are very visual that I will discuss.  


I was also a  little shocked to find zero promotion on a visual behemoth of a social media channel as well which I will talk about later. 


The Launch Event on Facebook


GoPro’s Facebook home page has a cover of the Karma drone event which gives the date and the time.  


The color consistency for some reason reminds me of an Apple event because its plain and gets right to the point reading the text.


GoPro Karma Drone Facebook



Their social media team posted about the event giving users a chance to be apart of the launch via live stream on Facebook.


Many tech companies are using Facebook Live to stream company events and allowing fans of the page to watch.



GoPro Karma Drone Facebook Event Post



An event page for the unveiling of the Karma drone was made by GoPro’s social media department.  


This is very good way to get some of their almost 10 million followers on the Facebook platform to engage and give good feedback too.



Facebook Event Page for GoPro Karma Drone



Six YouTube Points Related To GoPro Karma Drone


My six YouTube points are very simple with GoPro’s feature video on the homepage being the first point.  


The other five points are just the actual videos in which I spoke about that were all on the Karma Drone website.  


Their YouTube channel has over 4.2 million subscribers with plenty of visual content and stories.  


Its almost a no brainer for GoPro to be heavily involved on YouTube considering their core product is an action camera.  


The engagement on YouTube is as expected which is constant activity which works well for them.



YouTube GoPro Karma Drone 1



Here are the five prelaunch videos that were primarily distributed on most of GoPro’s social media channels.  


I encourage you to watch them all to see the effect the product can have on a consumer looking to buy a drone.  


But more so to see how effect storytelling is to market a product in the prelaunch phase of the product lifecycle.













Surprising Visual Social Media Platform Not Used


Pinterest is one of the biggest ‘visual’ social media platforms in the world and GoPro choose not to promo the prelaunch event using it.  


Maybe they didn’t do so because most of the responses came from their other outlets.  


I also noticed they only have a little over 27,000 followers on Pinterest.  


I’m assuming Pinterest is a fairly new medium for them relatively speaking.



Pinterest GoPro Karma Drone



Instagram Videos for GoPro Karma Drone


Probably the best social media platform for images is Instagram.  


GoPro has well over 10 million followers and they engage heavily.  


This is GoPro’s most active social media channel and they get plenty of value from it.



Instagram GoPro Karma Drone


GoPro only made five videos to promote the prelaunch and distribute them using their social media channels.  


The two videos below is to show the sequence of the two but the story of the possible product reigns true on Instagram.



Instagram GoPro Karma Drone



Check out the “Karma is close” video on Instagram and see the engagement with well over 434,XXX views an 844 comments and many ‘likes.’  


This is why its a very useful tool for GoPro because video gets a huge reaction on Instagram.  


It’s also showcases the branded hashtag for the product launch which is #GoProKarma.



Instagram GoPro Karma Drone 2



Pinned Tweet for Launch on Twitter


Twitter has some visual elements for good story telling marketing but not quite as effect as other social media channels.  


At least this is the case for GoPro with its mere (under 2 million) following.  


I only wish I had that many real Twitter followers…ha…ha…ha.  


It would be so nice and life would be just a little different I think or at least business would be.  


Twitter is just a different animal  but GoPro gets a good response about their launch just look below.  


They pinned the tweet at the top of their Twitter page so when their followers and any other visitors can be reminded of the event.  


There’s a link that connects users to the livestream which will also be on their website too.


Twitter GoPro Karma Drone





GoPro Karma drone event will be something special I’m quite sure of that.  


The story about the product was told in some very cool and symbolic ways to get their audience excited.  


The prelaunch was extraordinary using their top visual social media outlets to get the word out seemed to work well for them.  


It shows that visual storytelling marketing works well and can get a raving fan base excited about a product.  


It doesn’t matter how big or small the business is but more so the understanding and execution of the right social media channels and a good story to market your  product or service.


Do You Like The GoPro Karma Drone or Not?


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