How Taco Bell Uses Social Media To Give Away Free Sony PlayStation VR

How Taco Bell Uses Social Media To Give Away Free Sony PlayStation VR

I really enjoy watching how big brands operate their social media platforms even though small businesses is what I study most.


Every now and then I have to take a peak at other businesses and how they distribute content.


So this week I got familiar with a “local” but much bigger business and huge promo.


Taco Bell has partnered with Sony in giving away a free PlayStation VR and I have been watching how they distribute the news via social media.


Anything FREE will definitely get attention especially a video game system (in my most humble opinion).


We will discuss how they used social media to get the word out about their new deal which is actually a pretty good one too.


Active on Twitter for PlayStation VR


Taco Bell’s name recognition and obviously good food has given them a nice edge in terms of customers on social media.


Twitter is no slouch as one of their main social media outlets with almost 1.8 million followers.


The activity on Twitter is a bit surprising in terms of how Taco Bell posts.


But for this PlayStation VR promotion one thing in particular caught my attention.


The most important tweet is the first one which is a “Pinned Tweet.”


This is the first tweet that a visitor sees immediately when they come to the Twitter page.


Its in a permanent position until their social media department removes it when the promotion is over.



Twitter Taco Bell and PlayStation VR



A few more tweets about the free PlayStation and one is about Snapchat which Taco Bell uses for stories, etc.



Twitter PlayStation VR and Taco Bell



The other two are about a pop up arcade location in Manhattan’s SoHo neighborhood to play the game system and eat Taco Bell from a truck.



Taco Bell Twitter PlayStation VR



Instagram Account for Taco Bell Showcasing Promo


Taco Bell let their Instagram followers know about their free PlayStation VR bundle promo with a nice short video (actually a GIF).


They had a very good response from some of their almost 1 million fans on Instagram.


Its indicative of the almost 20,000 views which shows its effective on IG.



Taco Bell Instagram Account for PlayStation VR



Distributed PlayStation News on Facebook


Taco Bell has over 10 million fans on Facebook and the engagement isn’t a problem either.


As many of you know Facebook is a different beast in terms of how people will respond.


Its obviously more personal and users will be as honest as possible and sometimes will exceed “honesty” too.


I did notice on FB that some of the comments (which are expected) was a little different though I didn’t screenshot any of them.


But that is expected not only on FB but on social media as a whole.


There was only 1 post related to the PlayStation promotion which is pretty good for a huge following on Facebook.



Facebook Taco Bell and PlayStation VR



YouTube Channel Uploaded Promo Video


Taco Bell is active on YouTube which is not surprising.  They uploaded a promo video to their channel.


I’m sure this will be a tv commercial too but I haven’t seen it yet in my market.


Unfortunately, this video will likely not get seen as much as the video promo on the other channels such as Instagram.


That’s just the reality on YouTube now unless you have a channel with 1 million plus subscribers.


Taco Bell only has under 50,000 at the time of this article.


I will give them credit for a cool video though…





Its interesting to see how Taco Bell uses its social media for its promotional content. They also have a blog where they use it to showcase interesting people and and some of their products.


I’m sure there is much that I don’t know about their strategy because I was focused on four of their outlets.


And even then, I already know there’s more to what they do but to see how they distribute it on social media proves how effective it is too.


A much smaller business can definitely implement some of the same things to accomplish there goals.


Taco Bell and Sony collaboration should definitely be effective.


Fast food and video games will definitely be appealing for many people.


How would you use social media to collaborate in a free give away? 

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