How To Make The Best From Web Marketing

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Any attorney can figure out how to make the best from web marketing via the web whether through a website or social media.  


Many law firms try and do these tasks themselves and some do a great job at it while others simply don’t have the time to do so.


I have been analyzing web properties for a long time (before I started my consulting business).  I’m not sure where my “analytical” views come from or why I’m so interested in websites, social media, mobile, video and other platforms.  Maybe I have a “knack” for helping others or maybe I am a NERD!


Seriously, I notice things about every single website that I visit from a users perspective.  The Coats Law Firm is a local attorney firm in my hometown of St. Louis, MO. that seemingly provides many services for its clients.  I decided to perform a random website and social media critique on their web properties to determine how much local internet marketing that the Coats Law Firm is perhaps doing.

The Video Has Some Uncertain Points About Web Marketing…

I did not contact the law firm before I analyzed all of their web properties.  I’m not sure about the methods on growing their client base either.  I also don’t have any knowledge of any possible collaborations with other local attorneys or aware of any other internet marketing that this attorney could be using.   Here is the screencast video that I did on this local business.



In the video I give a somewhat brief synopsis of what I saw with web marketing concepts on the attorney’s online properties.  I have outlined some very noticeable things on the the Coats Law Firm’s social media properties that can help with local internet marketing for this business.


1) Blog Post-Inconsistent
2) Website Layout-Nice
3) Google Places & Google Plus-Inconsistent Posts, No Reviews
4) Facebook Fan Page-No Likes, No Consistency whatsoever, No avatar Image
5) LinkedIn-No Business Page, Inactivity on the LinkedIn personal page, Not Optimized
6) No YouTube Videos-Could Absolutely Dominate


The Coats Law Firm could totally DOMINATE internet local marketing in the St. Louis, MO. metropolitan area for their specific law practice which is Business Law Services, Criminal Law, DWI & DUI, Personal Injury, Probate and Estate, Real Estate Law Services or Traffic Law.
I’m not sure the actually situation (in terms of advertising) for the Coats Law Firm but there is definitely room for improvement.


As a local business, I would love to see if they are using any traditional marketing to blend with the digital local internet marketing methods.  An example of this would be promoting your web properties via a weekly mailer promoting an offer implementing Facebook “Likes” or “Check in” in exchange for some type of offer.

Can You Suggest Any More Local Web Marketing Methods?

Local web marketing the right way across their website and social channels can be very effective if done properly.  Do you see any other flaws on the Coats Law Firm website?  Could more be done to solidify their Facebook fan page?  What other local web marketing tips can you provide to this small business owner?

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