7 Ways Technology Has Changed Us Forever

Technology Change

More and more we depend on technology for almost everything throughout our daily lives and sometimes don’t realize that it has changed us forever.  


From the Industrial Revolution to the current Information Age, there’s no denying how much things are different all around us.  


There are countless articles and studies done on this but I will dive into 7 ways that I have seen technology change us forever.  


You may agree or disagree but I would love for you to help and add to the discussion at your leisure.


1. Technology Is An Addiction

There is no doubt that technology has become an addiction in the lives of many.  


I understand that all of us may live and go about things differently but from the time we wake up till its bedtime, our consumption of it overwhelms what we do whether we like it are not.


How many times did you pick up your mobile device today for whatever reason?  


Did you get your work done without using your PC?  


Some of you may have but I hope that my point is well taken.


2. Dependent on Technology

We have become exclusively dependent on technology to the point of almost no return.


I’m not talking about only the Information Age…just go back to the technologically advances from the Industrial Revolution to see how the dependency has evolved.  


Many of us have been conditioned over long periods of time to how our everyday lives should be and what’s included in them as well.  


3. Products and Services

Business products and services are becoming more and more dependent on technology too.  


According to Wikipedia, did you know in the United States for example, from January 1972 to August 2010, the number of people employed in manufacturing jobs fell from 17,500,000 to 11,500,000 while manufacturing value rose 270%?”  


This is just the tip of the iceberg (sort of speak) because it’s unheard of for a business to not go where their potential customers are and today online is where many of them reside.  


The products that we purchase are also manufactured with machinery that’s programmed by a computer and run in conjunction with other systems.  


The services that are provided in many industries are computer based and consumers rely on that because of the comfort and speed of getting information.


4. How We Interact With Each Other

Our mobile devices allow us to talk to anyone at any time all over the world.  


Many conversations happen because of applications that our devices can quickly download.


Fortunately, human conversations still happen in person but I’m sure since the inception of mobile phones they have likely decreased.  


Many people prefer to interact using their mobile devices whether it’s through text messaging or one of the many social media platforms.  


We all have choices but technology has changed how many interact with each other on a daily basis.


5. Content Consumption Is Diverse

The way we consume content has definitely changed with the use of technology.  


There was a time when reading the newspaper after work was the thing to do especially in the U.S.  


Now we have options such as satellite TV, internet, live streaming, social media, reading blogs, etc.  


We get information so fast and so conveniently that it has become the norm.  


We can now read digital books instead of going to the library and physically doing so.


Libraries are now offering digital content for their members to stay engaged now.


Though I still go to the library, I rarely read anything the “old” way while visiting.  


I’ve gotten so use to consuming information on my mobile device because of the sheer ease of using different digital platforms.  


6. Our Data Is Everything

Data is stored so differently now and I don’t see it changing anytime soon.


The method of “cloud computing” allows us to use remote servers that are hosted on the internet to store data instead of our personal computers, etc.  


Online data storage is big business because it removes the physical part out and adds speed and convenience.  


Removable subscriber identity modules or SIM cards still exist with some mobile phones but cloud storage has spoiled some of us forever.


We can now have things such as our pictures and videos uploaded in the “cloud” with 100% proficiency.


7. Education At Schools Is Different

Schools are the beneficiaries of the effects of science combined with engineering and the evidence shows in the classroom.  


Many schools have personal computers where much of the curriculum is created and/or implemented using web applications.


Students are learning and completing tasks at a faster rate than ever because of these constant technological advances.  


Instructors can now keep up with the course study better along the students.  


The environment is likely more conducive to learning within the educational system.   


Will Technology Continue To Change Us?

Technology will continue to change and we will somehow find a way to adapt with it along the way I suppose.  


There are many technological advances that I failed to mention which could very easily affect change in us for forever.  


Feel free to add your input and suggestions as I always welcome different perspectives.

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Andre L. Vaughn

Blogger, consultant, Author & Contributor @GoodMenProject & @thrive is also a former satellite & cable guy who helps small business owners generate targeted online leads using simple "emerging" media solutions.