Benefits Of Social Media Marketing [Episode 16]

Digital Marketing Creators Podcast Episode 16

The Benefits of Social Media Marketing in episode 16 we explore so much as it relates to the ability to uncover industry trends for creators and entrepreneurs. What makes social media marketing a level playing field for marketers and content creators?  How can one curate customer content  in a “Snap.” We discuss why one should not neglect social media as a content distribution channel and how it can serve as a platform for your brand story.  So much to unpack in this episode!  What about Episode 15?  Take a Listen to it as well.

Resources Mentioned In Episode 16

Sprout Social Article

Co-Schedule Article

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Episode number 16 of the Digital Marketing Creators Podcast, we're going to talk about the benefits of social media marketing and some pretty cool things that are found. Stay tuned.

Welcome to the Digital Marketing Creators Podcast where we help creators and entrepreneurs just like you magnify your brand message through digital marketing tips and strategies. And now your host Andre Vaughn.

As a creator, or entrepreneur, you have so many things coming your way in terms of online marketing, digital marketing, and it can be so confusing, but we broke it down in this free mini course that we have, it's called the Five Day Digital Marketing Mini Course. And you can get that at or anywhere on that website, you should see something where you can sign up for that free course. And it's not a long course he does a real short course. And you know, we didn't want to take up a lot of your time when we put it together. But it kind of guides you through different aspects of digital marketing, and we try to keep it condensed for you. So check that out at

There are a ton of benefits of social media marketing, I'm gonna go over a few that I found. These are things that I already know, but kind of how kind of like how they were articulated. And a couple of these articles. The first one is one here on sprout And I'll try to leave these coming, a couple of them will refer to I'll leave, I guess a link in the show notes.

The ability to uncover industry trends in real time. And that is awesome. Also, you can maybe you can take, I guess the ones that I look at in terms of social media, is think about Twitter, think about Facebook, I think about IG, everything else a catch on after those, those, those three, catch on fire. You know, whatever the latest news is that latest trend or whatnot, catches on fire after those three nerves. There are others also, they say simply put, social media has a potential goldmine of business intelligence.

It also says if you want to know what a brand is doing well, or likewise, what customers are complaining about, it's all out there in the open. And that's where, and that's where and why we have our why hashtags are very important. So you can search hashtags in places like Twitter and places like Instagram and get a lot of the latest and louder most recent news in a particular industry. So hashtags are very important when it comes to industry trends and things like that, in real time, real time information.

And this is one that we already know I'm having, you know, social media for your brand. And your products services, it provides better customer service, and quicker customer service. Also, they did look like they did some sort of study where nearly half of all consumers have already taken to social media to ask questions and raise concerns. So Sprout Social data, you'll see the link they did some sort of a study on that also on that, that makes sense.

This as you know, unlike awkward phone calls and lengthy email, social customer service is quick. And to the point, providing social customer service means having meaningful back and forth conversations, conversations with your customers that are oftentimes forward facing. And you know, we've we've all been through those those telephone calls where you can't even get anybody on the phone right now.

So and that's in a lot of places. Unless you have some sort of a direct line a lot of people are doing, they're even doing, you know, things on your website, these chat, these chat or these message apps where you can actually get to people quicker. Going online, whether it's through social media or through their website a lot faster than picking up the phone and calling someone that's almost I won't call it a thing of the past but it's it's becoming more and more rare. That's for sure.

Is that as a curate customer content and stories in a snap and that's awesome. First two things I think of When I, when I just read that title is Instagram and Snapchat, customer photos and success stories go hand in hand with higher engagement and conversion rates. And there's no better place to gather both than social media. You know, anytime you can, you know, do a story on something, you can usually use that particular companies, you can tag them.

So you can monitor your mentions as a company and your tags, you know, to help uncover, you know, positive consumer interactions. So that when he says position, power over your competition, and that's the thing was social, everything is on a level playing field. You know, a lot of times we think of these big companies, they mandate, they all they have everything set up and, and they can just take off a lot of these bigger companies, trust me don't know what they're doing.

Think they just don't. So that's what make, that's what make social media a level playing field. A lot of times these companies they want, all you have to do is go to go to place, like indeed or any of these job places that's looking for, you know, social media help or anything related to to social media marketing and social media, period and just look at their requirements they're asking you to do, they're asking people to do 1000 different things when they really need to hire a whole team.

So anytime you're constantly hiring, for a position in social media, or what have you, your churn rate or your turnover rate is going to be high. Because a lot of these companies haven't figured out that they're asking way, way, way too much. In these positions, where where an entire team is needed instead of one or two particular people that's trying to do these different tasks, and dealing with their company social media.

They talk about building backlinks and a better search engine presence. And so that's been a highly debated topic over the years. SEO and his impact with with social media. So what they're saying with backlinks, social media does help with backlinks terms of trying to get your website or your content to rank higher within either to Google search or or what have you. It says, just basically saying shares and click through rates via social represent positive search signals to Google and that is true.

And it says don't neglect social media as a content distribution channel. I'm 100% with that, but I also feel like you have to give more, because if you give more than if you put your content out there afterwards, people more in in tune and inclined to share your content, the article on a website called And they talk about how social media marketing generates conversation around your brand. And, you know, we all know that's important. And that happens a lot as well. But you have to make sure, you know, those conversations are, you know, two way conversations, you know,

if you're involved with it are you know, that's where social listening comes in. And also because you want to see what these conversations are that people are having within your brain and about your brand. And there's you know, I'm not gonna go through all of these, but there are so many different benefits I can, I can literally literally make an hour podcast on the benefits of social media marketing, they've been talking about how you know how it helps, helps you understand your target customers, interests.

And all this is is what I talked about previously, social listening. Solid is says you need to know what your target customers are interested in. If you're going to try to reach them effectively. You can do this by monitoring their social conversations around certain topics. social listening, that's all it is. No as serves as a platform to tell your brand story. And what I will say about some of the big companies such as almond, I even have one right here at Starbucks. They do a great job at that as well as effective storytelling.

You know, it can have a huge impact on your brand image. These stories they can be simple or extensive, depending on what you think will be the most effective for your brand. Here's one of the biggest benefits of social media right here. It helps you gather data about Have your audience. That is huge, because that's your moneymaker right there. Says here our audience research is similar to social listening and search the keywords your audience will be using.

But it's more focused on your specific product. You can use social media to gather this information, it says, tip, many social media platforms allow you to view the reach and insights of all your posts. To view the insights of your Facebook page, it has a link right there, where you can actually do that on your Facebook page. But when I think of gathering data, I'm thinking more about how much you're going to need this.

If in when you run ads. So if you're running Google ads, or YouTube in Stream Ads, if you're running, Facebook, ads, Facebook marketplace, Instagram, Instagram stories, so on and so forth. If you're running any of these ads, your analytics are going to help you extremely, they're gonna help you immensely it's gonna be the, it's gonna be the difference between a successful ad and a non successful ad. Collecting data.

See who's engaging with your product serves to see who's buying your products and services, where are they buying? What country? Are they in? Who's buying the most? Are they male? Are they female, what devices are they using, so on and so forth. They even have it with Facebook and Instagram. This is why I talk about email marketing and auto respond, you can actually upload an email, email addresses to Facebook, and do all kinds of different things.

You know, you can get, um, you can make ads about, you know, similar audiences, and so on and so forth. With Facebook ads, I'm not gonna get too deep into that, but it's huge. It really is that this data is everything. It helps build customer loyalty. And that's, that's almost self explanatory says 90% of people say they buy from brands they follow on social media. So that looks like that's an article from a black market drive article for market It's here on call schedule. In his article here, I'll link this article and the other one up.

Like I said earlier in the show notes, digital marketing forward slash, Episode 16. And there's a ton of benefits a ton of benefits, even in this article and just period that I can go through like one by one and break all of them down. But you all can check this out at also keep the discussion going in our private Facebook group. And as a, that's So hey, thanks a lot. And we'll see you in the next episode. And we're going to talk more about social media marketing, specially if you are a beginner, so it's gonna be some cool tips for you in there. So make sure you subscribe and we'll see in the next episode. Thank you.

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Andre L. Vaughn
Andre L. Vaughn

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