Why I’m Going All In On TikTok [Episode 24]

Digital Marketing Creators Podcast Episode 24

In Episode 24, I explain why I am going all in on TikTok and explain why you should too.  Tiktok is an interest based social media platform that encourages content creators to upload short form videos for consumption by its users.  If you are a new content creator or a business owner, TikTok might be something that interests you because the audience is huge and you can get a lot of views right now which translates to a lot of eyes on your products and services.  Check out the episode to see why it can be a useful tool for you.

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In Episode 24 of the Digital Marketing Creators Podcast we're discussing why I'm going all in on Tic Tok, stay tuned.

Welcome to the Digital Marketing Creators Podcast where we help creators and entrepreneurs just like you magnify your brand message through digital marketing tips and strategies. Now your host Andre Vaughn.

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Tik Tok is a social media platform that focuses on short form, video content, that video content that's under 60 seconds even though you can posts more or longer content than 6060 seconds on tick tock. But the content that does best is the content that 60 seconds or less and it's become a phenomenon and it started around the time of the pandemic really. The platform was the platform was a little I can't say it was popular before them but a lot of people knew about it before then but it used to be called musically before they changed it to Tik Tok.

I am going all in on tick tock as of today, I hadn't posted a video just yet recorded some videos. So I have some video saved. And I'll be doing more recording. Actually, tomorrow. We're in mid September right now, what I'll do is I'll record our batch record like I do kind of everything podcasts, episodes, blogs, all of that. So I usually spend a day doing one thing like today is podcast episodes. Tomorrow will be what am I doing tomorrow? Looking at my schedule here. Actually, tomorrow I am recording videos just like us here. I'm actually recording videos, short form videos.

Yeah, I am going all in on tick tock and why? Why should someone go all in on tick tock Well, short form content, I guess somebody figured out the people at tick tock figured out what they didn't just figure it out. This kind of already wasn't saying, looking at looking at data from a lot of other social platforms, our attention spans, they're short, and people like short form content. And the engagement on short form videos is way better than obviously a lot of the other companies thought at the time.

But that's because companies like Vine, remember vine, I think Twitter bought them out or something. And I guess they got rid of the company. Just the data proves that lead generation and engagement is rather high in short, form videos. And tick tock does an amazing job over there. But I'm going all in on tick tock because the opportunity is huge. The opportunity is huge. And it's not gonna last, it's not gonna last because there's a thing called supply and demand.

And right now the demand for content is high and the supply still is I can't say it's pretty low on tick tock but it's it's I guess it's lower than what they want opportunities not gonna last I'm expecting this to change probably within the next year, the supply and demand side with tic tock not saying well, I'm not sure exactly how their algorithm is gonna. It's gonna act but now they've implemented ads.

Every time a social media company, when they're when you can get the most followers usually when it's a newer platform. It's a popular platform when like I said when the supply is low and the demand is high, usually in times like this, it's you should Behind the platform, you should be on the platform. The opportunity is, is huge. You know, you can grow a community on tick tock, you can grow up much faster, you can get a bunch of followers, but you still have to create great content, you still have to understand how tick tock works, how the algorithm works.

What are the creators doing on the platform in order to gain a following? How many videos must you put on there like right now what I'm seeing on tick tock, if you're a new content creator, you should be posting somewhere in the neighborhood of three to four videos, then you have to understand the type of videos you should be posting, you should understand the platform period, the entire platform, things such as plant videos, things such as the green screen, using green screen using what's called the stitch things such as that the stitch is not just kind of throwing that one at you.

That's when you are making a video in conjunction with another video. Let's say you can come on camera and say Hey, check this video out by this creator and they're talking about how to learn digital marketing. The video goes straight to that video, you can do that for like, let's say if you want to if it's like a there's like a five second clip that you want out of that you can show that part of that video, learn entire platform, you have to look at what creators in your in your niche are doing. On tick tock, the opportunity right now is huge. Discoverability is huge on tick tock right now. That's the thing that I'm very interested in, it's not going to take if you putting out great content, people will find you. I actually wrote some down

Quick break in the episode I want to talk about a resource page that I put together with a lot of helpful things on or something much different than the s how notes. So SAS things such as our ebooks and audio books, a whole bunch of other resources with affiliate links and things like that. So make sure you check that out at DigitalMarketingCreators.com/resources, DigitalMarketingCreators.com/resources, check it out, back to the show.

Oh, another thing that I'm seeing on Tik Tok is, I've noticed that in the description, they allow more words in the description. So in a meta description, so what that tells me is actually seeing it with my own eyes, you can actually see some tick tock videos within the Google algorithm. So that's why they opened up the meta description to 300 words now, the discoverability in Google, and that's huge for the platform. It's very huge for the platform.

And like I mentioned, the demand is huge demand for the type of content that I put out about digital marketing, social media, so many things, you know, Jess, within that, all the different platforms that that I want to talk about just helpful, helpful content for beginners on different social media platforms. So there's a lot of demand on Tik Tok right now for the type of content that I deliver.

Building a community is gonna be a little easier right now. raving fans, they're ready. They're ready on Tik Tok, you can have a video and I heard her Gary Vaynerchuk say something similar to this, but I've seen it with my own eyes, you can make a video for that get 17 views, and then you can make a video the next video can get a million views. I heard him saying he thinks that social, a lot of the social platforms are gonna kind of go to that tick tock mode in terms of their algorithm.

So I don't know how I alone. I don't know how true that is or how long that would be. But he explained the best I couldn't explain it. Obviously the way he did I understood exactly what he was saying though. Another reason why I'm going all in on tick tock because the lore of making a 10 second video that appeals to me. And it's not just the time because you have to really, really hone in on what you're doing within that 10 seconds. There's a book called Hooked point.

I forget the author's name actually have the book and I can't remember the author's name off the top of my head off the top of my dome. It talks about how the first three seconds is crucial in a video and that's so true. On Tik Tok, and that's true within a 10 second video or 15 second video that's appealing to me. Also what's appealing to me is the ability to sell your products on Tik Tok.

Once you get 1000 followers, you can put a link on your profile, people will come to visit your profile, you don't even have to sell anything directly, you can just have a link right there which are offerings. And, you know, people decide whether or not they want to purchase it or not the ability to sell products. Also, the ability to grow, my email list is appealing as well, by doing the same thing, I can have a link with one of our freebie offers like we offer, you know, you heard it in in the promo.

So just the lure of kind of growing my email list is something that I'm looking into. So the TIC tock algorithm is awesome for content creators right now. It really is in anytime, like I said, anytime you can make a video that has few views, 50 views and then the next video, you can get half a million views or even let's say you get 50 views on one video and next video get 50,000 views. So it's it's just the lure of that, right now the algorithm is is great to creators, right now, another thing that I'm looking at in this, this is last thing, tick tock ad platform is getting better and better.

I remember when they first started their app platform, but just like anything else, they're gonna get better because they're gonna learn from the other platforms that do well like Facebook, Instagram, Google, with YouTube, and so on and so forth. But the app platform is getting better and better and you can reach a target a targeted audience on you know, if you especially if you're using some of your some of your, I guess your your high ticket offers or, or even if it's a freebie that's trying to grow your email lists.

With the ad platform is getting much much better. Tik Tok is becoming a powerhouse it really is, with the short form video content. So those are the reasons why I am going all in on tick tock and we're gonna see where it takes us. Right now. Also, it looks like I have, I had like I said, I hadn't posted a video, but I have like 200 some followers. I know, it's not about the followers. But you know, since we like to talk about, you know, these different vanity metrics or whatnot, but there's like 200 some followers on there right now, I plan on releasing videos and doing it the, the, I guess the best way I cannot keep, keep producing the short form videos until I get the hang of what I should be doing. But I think I got a good deal. But I'll always be learning just like anybody else.

Because once you think you got it, boom, they switch some and you got to switch up yourself. So you have to switch up, you know, the way you create content, it's all in. I guess it's all in the business of social media. Just have to have to remember those things right there. Let's keep the discussion going in a private Facebook group at Digital Marketing creators.com forward slash group, digital marketing creators.com forward slash group. And if you guys have any, any questions, are you on Tik Tok?

Let me know in the comment section in the group. Are you on tick tock? And and what kind of success are you having on tick tock? Are you? I guess, are you having any issues on the platform? And that's kind of what I'm gonna do. Also, with posting the videos on there, I'll let you guys know what I did, how I did it, what's working, what's not working? We'll definitely definitely do that. In the next episode, I'm going to talk about the huge YouTube shorts opportunity that's out there, as well. So we'll see you in the next episode. Thank you.

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Andre L. Vaughn
Andre L. Vaughn

Andre L. Vaughn is a digital marketing content creator and author of "Social Media Simple Marketing" who helps creators and entrepreneurs magnify their brand message to generate leads that convert to sales. He's also a contributor at Addicted2Success, The Good MenProject & Thrive Global, and a graduate at the University of Missouri-St. Louis (B.S. Information Systems & B.S. Business Administration).