The Huge YouTube Shorts Opportunity [Episode 25]

Digital Marketing Creators Podcast Episode 25

In Episode 25 we discuss YouTube Shorts which is the short form content feed of YouTube that is competing with other platforms like TikTok, Snapchat, Instagram, Pinterest, etc.  Short form content is something all creators and entrepreneurs need to look into.  The one thing you should do as a content creator is double down when you find a successful video and I explain how that plays well using YouTube Shorts and how you should “evoke emotion” in your videos.  Let us know what you think and how has your #Shorts journey been.

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In Episode 25 of the Digital Marketing Creators Podcast, we are talking about the huge YouTube shorts opportunity. Stay tuned.

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Short form content is something I think all creators and entrepreneurs need to take a long look into, make sure that look is long and make sure it's short. And make sure you start creating content on platforms such as YouTube, and use, you know the YouTube shorts. The reason that I believe that it's a huge opportunity. Well, I'm gonna go through a few things that that I have here. There are different audiences on YouTube than they are on Tik Tok. And that goes for shorts as well.

Even though you see a lot of content creators that may put their tick tock videos on their YouTube shorts. And you may see some that were getting a lot of success doing it that way. But you know, these platforms such as YouTube, they're kind of changing that they don't want you to upload your tiktoks on to your YouTube shorts. They don't want you to do that they want original content. That's why it goes the same for Tik Tok as well, they don't want you to, to do the same thing over there. But the audience is there different. don't upload the same content don't don't even upload, you know, when you when you upload to Tic Toc, you know, you can download the video.

And when you download the video, and I have the TIC tock emblem on it. Don't do that at all. And that's not because it has the emblem on it. Two different audiences. So you're going to have to do two different things, you can make a similar video, but don't make the same video you made for Tik Tok. And thank you gotta have the same success on YouTube, you have to find out what works on YouTube. With the shorts platform, it's different. I didn't think so. But I stopped looking and paying paying close attention to different content creators and it's different it really is.

I also have on here, the content is not dead, it's not going to be a guarantee. Hit if you have one hit on tick tock is not going to be guaranteed on on YouTube. Using the shorts feature. Remember what I said at the platforms, they're different? And if you don't think so just do the opposite of what I said. And you'll see real quick that it's different the the viewer is different. The viewer is different because the platform is different. Even though it's quick videos, still a different audience. Of course you have to experiment with some things but it's a different audiences.

It really is so huge opportunity for you to shorts because the algorithm is favoring content creators just like tick tock. They're favoring content creators on YouTube short platform. The reason you know that they're doing it because the growth is exponential. And it's it's happening very fast. People are getting a lot of subscribers there's a lot a lot of those silver and gold plates that are going out. Because of these short form content videos, the short form videos,

It shows so the algorithm is favoring content creator. Now one thing that I noticed on on YouTube on the shorts the I think creatives that that's been successful doing it is, they're they're doing one thing that's so different than I've seen before. They're invoking emotion. And they're, they're being very strategic about it, being very smart about it, and being very intentional about it. And let me let me tell you what I mean, what the one thing that I noticed, on YouTube short video for the successful creators, I noticed that they're using emojis, not only within the content, like within the texts on the screen, but they're using emojis in their titles.

They're also doing things such as using, you know, they'll have the title of the video, and then they'll have a lot of mumps and they're having some type of parentheses. As the last part of the title sounds something like but the last part you have to see, you know, they're saying stuff like that. And then after that, it'll be an emoji, and then hashtag shorts or what have you. So I'm saying things such such such as that. There's a lot more that go into it than just that, but the opportunity is huge. Because just like I said in the previous episode, which I talked about what I'm going, why I am going all in on tick tock is it's similar reason for you to is supply and demand.

The demand is high. Right now, YouTube is competing with Tik Tok, they're competing with Instagram for the reels Instagram reels right now. They're competing with Snapchat, you know, they're competing with Pinterest with Pinterest idea pins that Pinterest is doing short form content also, you know, it's a little different, but it's still, they're still focusing on short form content, and YouTube wants to be the leader, they see the where the market share is going with the growth of tick tock short form, video is a thing and it isn't going anywhere because our attention spans are very, very short. And it's not going anywhere. anytime soon,

Quick break in the episode, I want to talk about a resource page that I put together with a lot of helpful things on or something much different than the show notes. So that's things such as our ebooks and audio books, a whole bunch of other resources with affiliate links and things like that. So make sure you check that out at,, check it out. Back to the show.

The last thing I'm going to talk about, as far as YouTube shorts, having this huge opportunity right now, the one thing that you should do as a content creator, is you should double down when you find successful video. So when something goes viral, or mini viral, or however you want to put it, if you have a video that's getting numbers. In other words, you want to double down on those in other words, you want to make more videos like that similar videos like that.

So when you get a hit to similar videos like that, I'll be you know, on you know, if you do educational, sort of educational videos like I do, you know, you want to, you know, it might be something about, I might be talking about tick tock on YouTube shorts. If I get some a particular video and it's a hit, I might do the same thing when I'm talking about a different platform. I might be talking about Instagram, I might be talking about Snapchat, so on and so forth.

So you want to have the same format of the video, you want to take into consideration the time, how much time did you use to make that video, you're gonna want to make that video this about the same pretty much the same time in the same timeframe. If it's a 32nd video and you are doing numbers, you want to make sure that you create a whole bunch of videos just like that, that are 30 seconds. These are just just the things that I'm noticing and why I believe YouTube shorts is a huge opportunity right now just like Instagram was almost what, almost 10 years ago, eight years ago, coming up on about 10 years ago, I guess. So it was hot.

You know you had a lot of people that that got Instagram famous. So you're gonna get a lot of people to become tick tock famous. And in this case, you're gonna get a lot of people that become famous from their YouTube shorts, platform and do a whole bunch of great things. But the opportunity is huge on YouTube shorts right now short form, content is a thing and it isn't going anywhere. One of the things that I'm going to do is I'm going to kind of report back to you all on on what I'm doing on YouTube short what's working for me, actually I have a A channel up right now I haven't created, I have a posting content actually have some content that that I started to make this week.

We're in mid September right now. I'll be doing videos like all day tomorrow. And in the next couple of days, I'll be doing video. So I'm like reeling off content right now, especially these, the short form the short form content, and particularly tick tock, and YouTube shorts is what I'm really focusing on right now. I'll let you guys know what I'm doing, you know, what worked, what didn't work, what I'm seeing what what you should pay attention to, I think one of the things that you should pay attention to also is what people are saying in the comments. So don't ever, don't ever run away from what people are saying in the comments, because they're gonna tell you, they're gonna tell you what they want.

Remember you making content for them. And I'm making content for you. Always remember that, listen to your audience. And it's the same on any platform, any platform, if you want to grow, listen to your audience, audience audience, I keep saying our audience, listen to your listen to those people that you're making a content for. So just remember that, have you guys started on YouTube shorts, leave a comment in our group. And that said, digital marketing forward slash group, that's digital marketing forward slash group, keep the discussion going. keep the discussion going.

Also, um, if you haven't already, I would love for you guys to leave a review on iTunes. If you're listening to this on iTunes, or even if you're on Spotify, I think you can kind of like the episode or what what have you but the reviews on on Apple podcasts on iTunes is is they're very, very helpful. As you know, I tell us the largest Podcast Directory, so we're gonna give possibly most of our lessons on that platform. Or if you're on any other platform, I would really love if you guys shared the podcast that would really help also. So if you can't leave a review, leave a review to share it. Let your friends know. Let your you know, if you have other friends that are content creators, let them know would appreciate that a lot. Digital Marketing forward slash group, like I said, with the Facebook group. Hey guys, thanks for listening. And we will check you out or you'll check us out or vice versa in the next episode. Thank you and enjoy.

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