How Brand Messaging Connects With Your Audience Focus Four Series #2 [Episode 3]

We explore brand messaging in Episode 3 which is how you communicate your mission, values, and how it benefits your customers or potential clients in our Focus Four Series #2.  When it comes to online marketing or offline, no aspect is more crucial than brand messaging.  This episode is very important because we attempt to break down that through brand messaging (marketing communication), a company can convey its values, mission, and ideals to the public. This allows the company to connect with the public on an emotional level, which in turn increases brand equity and strengthens the brand.  But we go a Lot Deeper from a psychological perspective (brand colors, etc.) to see how it connects with digital marketing.


Resources Mentioned In Episode 3

Create Brand Messaging That Resonates  [Pardot AKA Salesforce]

How To Craft Brand Messaging Your Audience Will Love [HubSpot]

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In episode three of the Digital Marketing Creators Podcast, we're going to talk about brand messaging, which is our second topic and our Focus Four Series.

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Welcome to the Digital Marketing Creators Podcast where we help creators and entrepreneurs just like you magnify your brand message through digital marketing tips and strategies. And now your host...Andre Vaughn.

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Brand Messaging is, is basically going to be the thing that people think when they see you, especially when you're talking about online and digital marketing. But going to the Google machine, I had to look up, what are they saying in terms of what is brand messaging and one of the first results that I see is what is this par, or whatnot, how to create brand messaging that resonates.

Pardot is the name of the website. And they say, brand messaging refers to the underlying value proposition conveyed, and language used in your content. It's what makes buyers relate to your brand, because it's inspirational, persuasive, motivational, and well sticky. Ultimately, it makes customers want to buy your products.

Okay. So the way I view it also, is, in saying all that, in terms of the digital marketing space, there's gonna be a set of things that convey emotions around your brand, and that's the people element, you know, people are gonna get emotional, they're gonna feel some type of way about your brand, and I'm gonna cry, but maybe they'll cry about your brand, depending on what it is, you know, what the product is, or what message you hear conveying. But in the last episode, we talked about personal branding, we spoke about things such as the colors, and that's kind of what brand messaging also, you know, the logos, yourcolors. You know, your phrases. You know, and all that stuff. Um, I had to, I had a sharp pause, I had to look at my screen, I thought something popped up.

But anyway,you know, things such as, um, your mission statement, do you have a mission statement? Now? If you're just starting off, you know, it's really up to you to have a mission statement.

I don't, I don't know if I actually have a mission statement. I just, I guess I consider it a tagline or whatnot. Like, if you go to my YouTube videos, my newest YouTube videos. Now those other videos, I don't know who that guy was, but my newest videos, you know, we always say, What's going on everybody? What's going on everybody? My name is Andre Vaughn. And in this, you know, I always speak about you know, in this video, you know, we're basically we're here to help creators and entrepreneurs just like you magnify your brand message through digital marketing tips, tips and strategies.

So I don't consider that a mission statement. But you can have a mission statement, I kind of think of it as a tagline, especially the magnify your brand message portion of it. But make sure that you have some similar to a mission statement or even a tagline and make sure it It conveys. Who do you help? And what do you do, for the most part, magnify your brand, we help we help creators and entrepreneurs magnify your brand messages through digital marketing tips and strategy. So I feel like that kind of covers covers it all.

But that's kind of part of your brand message. And also, and with that, you want to make sure that you have that on your website. Brand messaging is so important. People need to know, you know, they want to they're gonna they're gonna want to know, how can you help them? How can you help them? What are you talking about? And how can you help them through what you know, through your messaging, or what not? Well, your messaging is going to convey that that's kind of what you know your value proposition, who do you help?

You want to make sure that you convey that so I spoke about make sure you have that on your website, make sure you have that throughout your, you know, your social media, maybe your your social media profile, make sure that you have, make sure that messaging is the same on your social media profiles, it is on your website. So many people miss out on that. I missed out on it for a lot of years. I didn't quite register to me. But it makes a difference, it makes a huge difference.

So there's really no right and wrong in terms of brand messaging framework. But I did find a great article on HubSpot where they talk about you know, getting started with your brand messaging, just some things that that you need to answer I'm gonna put, I'm gonna put put a link of it in the show notes, I think it's a great read. It says to get started your brand message needs to answer these questions. How do you differentiate from your competitors? And I kind of hit on that a little bit in personal branding. But what is your unique value proposition? What kind of messaging will resonate with your target audience?

So it's also good to, it's cool to you know, a lot of people look at followers or whatnot. You know, I have these amount of followers, that amount of followers, that's all cool and dandy, but if you're not talking to these people are having conversations with these people, then you're not going to know things like that. And that's why I always bring up at the end of these podcast episodes, always talk about continuing the discussion, because I want to learn from you guys. And vice versa. I always talk about our private Facebook group that you can check out at

Also, in his article was a couple more questions that caught my attention. Also, what kind of artist said that? What kind of messaging will resonate with your target audience? Okay, who is your target audience? What do they care about? You have to you have to talk to people, you have to talk to people have to communicate with them, no question about it.

Does your brand message tell a story? That's what that's why it's so huge. I think storytelling in general, is so undervalued. And, you know, does your does your brand message does it tell a story? What are your company goals and says no one is perfect. And your target audience can't relate to a seemingly perfect brand. Exactly, we all make mistakes, all you have to do is you can you can pick out anything that I do, I am I'm pretty much open book and always say that I am not perfect at all, I'm not gonna be perfect on this podcast.

I'm not gonna look at some of those videos, especially those past videos that I did that I put out on YouTube. But I'm not going to be you know, I flip and follow my words a lot. I do a lot of that stuff. So, you know, people love watching people and learning from people. Perfection. I mean, you know, we all strive to be perfect, but you're not gonna be perfect doing things is just not going to happen all the time.

And it also says right here, what are your company values, and this so many other things, I'm gonna make sure I linked his article up, because I think it's a good read, and it will help you guys a lot.

Also want to talk about brand pillars, also a little bit. I think you should make sure that you that you focus on producing quality content, you know, whether whether you have a podcast, or you're uploading videos, or you're writing blogs, or what have you, make sure it's quality content. And you want to hear that you hear that a lot. What is quality? I mean, we all know what quality is. So it's no, it's not a real big, you know, just one of those times you hear a lot but make sure your stuff is good. Make sure that your content is pretty good. And when you put out good stuff, you're gonna get quality leads. And that's, that's what we're in this for. We're in this to get leads that convert into sales.

Also, you know, just value how are you? How are you adding value? How are you adding value? You can't add value by asking like I couldn't I give you an example. I can contact Gary Vaynerchuk right now and say Gary, come on up. Podcast he's gonna look at me like I'm crazy. So there's a there's a process in doing all of that stuff. There's a process and doing all that stuff and I think its through is not only through putting out content but it's just being strategic when you put out content, but what value can you add? You first of all you have to show up and you have to show up consistently whatever you're doing. So keep that in mind also brand pillars.

We're halfway through our Focus Four Series and make sure I said it spoke to it earlier. Keep discussion going. Our private Facebook group at Digital Marketing Creators Podcast forward slash group that's Digital Marketing Creators Podcast. I keep saying podcast as So that's, and I'll link this HubSpot article up also in the show notes at

Let's tap into the next episode we're going to talk about Content Creation. So make sure you guys Subscribe and leave a rating and review and all that good stuff. And we will see you in episode number four. Thank you guys.

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