3 Key Benefits To Creating TikTok Videos [Episode 45]

Digital Marketing Creators Podcast Episode 45

TikTok is a social media app that allows users to create short videos and share them with friends in Episode 45 we will discuss 3 key benefits of creating TikTok videos. It has become very popular in recent years. TikTok is a social media app that lets you post short videos to share with your followers. It’s similar to YouTube Shorts, Instagram Reels, and Snapchat, but it has a few key differences that make it an enjoyable experience for creators. The app has millions of users and it’s starting to become a good platform for content marketers as well.  As we will discuss, it’s a great way to get your content in front of more people than just those who follow you on social media.

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In this Episode of the Digital Marketing Creators Podcast, we are going to discuss three key benefits to creating Tiktok videos. Stay tuned.

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Okay, I'm gonna get right into it, it's probably gonna be the quickest podcast episode ever. So you can go about today real quick. Number one benefit that I have is the reach is superb. The Reach is superb right now on tick tock, really on all of these short form content platforms because they are competing with each other. But in particular, in this episode, we're going to talk about tick tock so the reach is superb. With these new interest base and recommendation based and even search base platforms now, you can call tick tock and kind of throw it a little bit in the search department because you can actually see tick tock videos in the Google search and Google search. So that's pretty cool. But these interest based and recommendation based and search based algorithms, your reach is much, much better, you can reach a lot more people with your content. So that's number one.

The second key benefit that I have is, these videos are easy to make, they're easy to make, because you have your smartphone, you can just pull that smartphone right out and press a few buttons or press one button. So it's easy to make, it's easy to make because you have that smartphone in your pocket, you can either set it up, if you have even if you don't have a tripod or any of that stuff, you can just hold it in front of you and start recording it or start recording yourself and making content. The ability to make many videos, the ability to make many videos is intriguing. It's very intriguing, you can actually make a lot of videos if you if you do long form videos, if you make long form, for instance, YouTube videos, or even anything else, if you made a three minute video of something, maybe you're making two or three minute videos on LinkedIn or what have you, you can always chop up your videos and make them shorter form videos for tiktoks Instagram, Youtube shorts, you can do that as well also.

And the third one is you can partner with brands and partner with other influencers. And that is 100% a benefit because when you partner with brands if you have a following year, the brands want to get in front of your audience and use it other influencers you all can call do collabs and have their audience be new to your content and vice versa. So that's a win win for everybody if you are doing things with other influencers but partner with brands brands pay a lot of money for content, because they can't make that content themselves. I mean they can but they prefer not to make that content. They prefer to let people that's already making videos make the videos or what have you. Those are the three things the three benefits I have is the reach of superb videos are the short form videos, the Tik Tok videos are easy to make. And you can partner with brands as key benefits to creating Tik Tok videos. And as just a drop in the bucket. this quick episode that's just dropping the bucket the three things that I gave you it goes far beyond the three things that I gave you, you can get so much out of creating TikTok videos you can get so much I chopped off just doing the short form videos.

The ROI is huge. And I spoke about that in the previous episode about how the ROI is tremendous. Actually, I think it was episode 43 Not the previous episode but episode 43 Because we are on episode 45 I believe I've talked about in episode 43 about I think it was the HubSpot I guess their their Trends report that they put out every year. And it talks about how marketers see huge ROI in short form videos and that bodes well obviously for tick tock, but make sure you check out show notes at DigitalMarketingCreatorscom/number45. Also our private Facebook group Facebook group, our Facebook group, our Facebook group, DigitalMarketingCreators.com/group YouTube channel DigitalMarketingCreators.com/YouTube. Thanks for listening to the Digital Marketing Creators Podcast I just wanted to make a quick episode for you guys. Enjoy the rest of your day. Thanks for listening.

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Andre L. Vaughn
Andre L. Vaughn

Andre L. Vaughn is a digital marketing content creator and author of "Social Media Simple Marketing" who helps creators and entrepreneurs magnify their brand message to generate leads that convert to sales. He's also a contributor at Addicted2Success, The Good MenProject & Thrive Global, and a graduate at the University of Missouri-St. Louis (B.S. Information Systems & B.S. Business Administration).