Digital Marketing Tips For Beginners [Episode 7]

In Episode 7 of the Digital Marketing Creators Podcast, we focus on some digital marketing tips for beginners. There are many newbies that struggle with online marketing because there is so much information out along with more than one way to become a success online.  We touch on some important points in this episode that are so vital to anyone that’s a creator, entrepreneur, or any time of business person that wants to get an understanding of what’s important as a content creator. Check out Episode 6 if you haven’t already done so.

Resources Mentioned In Episode 7

What Is SEO?  [Backlinko]

Consumer Behavior Analysis  [HubSpot]

Google Analytics

Web Hosting  [Siteground]

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In episode seven of the Digital Marketing Creator Podcast, we're going to speak today about Digital Marketing Tips for Beginners. So stay tuned.

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Welcome to the Digital Marketing Creators Podcast where we help creators and entrepreneurs just like you magnify your brand message through digital marketing tips and strategies. And now your host Andre Vaughn.

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As a creator, or entrepreneur, you have so many things coming your way in terms of online marketing, digital marketing, and it can be so confusing, but we broke it down in this free mini course that we have, it's called the 5 Day Digital Marketing Mini Course. And you can get that at or anywhere on that website, you should see something where you can sign up for that free course. And it's not a long course he does a real short course. And you know, we didn't want to take up a lot of your time when we put it together. But it kind of guides you through different aspects of of digital marketing, and we try to keep it condensed for you. So check that out at Digital,

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If you are a creator, entrepreneur, maybe even a digital marketer, and you are a beginner, I want to share some tips with you today. In this episode, first of all, make sure that you have an understanding of what digital marketing really is. And if you if you're really struggling with that, just go to our previous episode, episode number six, we talked a little bit about what is digital marketing, so on and so forth.

But make sure that you have an understanding of what it really is. And the reason is, the reason I say that is you'll you'll be saved a lot of heartache, and a lot of money. Because I think a lot of times with with all these different things and tools and all of this stuff. A lot of a lot of what I'm what I'm seeing out there myself is people are throwing money at at these things. And they're just spinning, it just, I can't say wrong, they're just, I can't say wrong, they're just spending their money all wrong.

And they're doing all these crazy different things and, and actually trying to put, you know, you can't you can't throw all your resources at everything. Just because you have money don't mean you can make money. So kind of remember that. One of the things I will say is, you know, make sure you're you're really understanding how to use different things, such as how to throw a quick example out there like SEO.Search engine optimization.

So there's a lot of things within search engine optimization first, first of all, to break down of it, you know, you have on page SEO, which is how your keywords and all that stuff shows up on your particular piece of content. So your title is important along with a description, make sure you have the proper keywords in there not keyword stuffing or anything like that. But things of that nature.

Also with SEO you have off page was considered off page SEO, off page search engine optimization, which a lot of it has to do with backlinks and a lot. I think a lot of times people get what are called backlink hungry, and start doing all these crazy different things so that their site or their content will show up on these different on these different websites or whatnot. So you have to you have to be cognizant of what you're doing and how you're doing it.

Also technical SEO, which is things such as robots, txt files and things like that, you know, when you're building your website, and things of that nature, so make sure that you know what these things are, and make sure you're just not throwing money at things that you have no idea of what they are.

Make sure that you are understanding what attention is in terms of or I'm sorry, not what attention is but where the attention is that online. And that's where you want to be where the attention is that um I'll throw something at you right now as of this recording TikTok TikTok is pretty big. It's fairly new. And you want to make sure and that's that's considered short term, short term short form content. So I just TikTok but you know, there's other other platforms also but make sure you understand where the attention is going and where the attention is at in terms of digital marketing.

\And that goes into basically what I was about to the my next point, actually, which is, you're going to be head and shoulders above your competition if you become. And I'm using air quotes here, I always use air quotes, a Consumer Behavior Expert, or some sort of a practitioner of consumer behavior.

So you have to get real in tune with your analytics, whether it's your analytics, on your website, which you use a Google Analytics, whether it's your analytics, let's say if you're running PPC, or pay per click campaigns, with Facebook, Facebook ads, get in tune with your analytics, your analytics is going to tell you everything Yeah, analytics is going to tell you how people are behaving to the content that you put out to the ads you put out, you know, to the video ads you put out or the carousel ads, you put out all the image, text ad that you put out. So all of that stuff.

So if you become an expert on consumer behavior, in your industry, you will be far ahead of the of the class so to speak. Make sure that your platform whatever you decide to do, or whatever you're doing, make sure that your digital marketing aligns with your brand message.

So something so simple is, let's say you have you know, your website, you have your you know, your tagline, and all of that stuff. Make sure that you have all of the and your colors and stuff. Also, if you if you're primarily using using, let's say, Facebook, or what have you, Facebook and Twitter, make sure that your banner this, that you have the same banner, and the same message. So make sure your your your images and your colors and all of that are the same on both sites or on all three of them. Make sure make sure it fits your website, make sure it fits your Facebook page, make sure it fits your Twitter page.

It sounds small, but it's all about remember I just previously talked about consumer behavior experts. This is about how people will react towards you, towards your brand, towards your message, and make sure your words are right make sure your tagline is the same on your website as it is on your Facebook page on your Twitter page, so on and so forth. So it has to your digital marketing has to align with your brand message.

Also think of how content is consumed. So think about content is consumed. If you're producing content, think of how it is consumed. And so your your digital marketing, anything you do a lot of things you do in digital marketing, they're going to revolve around the way people consume your content. So do you have a blog? Are you writing? Do you have a YouTube channel? Because people are visual learners? Do you have a podcast? Or maybe Are you doing something such as?You know, are you on Twitter spaces? Are you on clubhouse? So how, however you want to do it? But do you have a podcast, like I said it's audio. So think of it in those terms, written, visual, & audio.

Also, what's your budget, if you have a budget, and most people are not going to have a, you know, a real big budget, whatever, but it's gonna cost money to do some of these things, though, and not not, you know, a lot of money and what not. But, you know, if you want a website, you know, you have to pay for hosting, you know, you're gonna pay for your domain name.

So, if you have podcast you're gonna have to pay for, you know, how you're, you know, distributing your podcast or what not. So maybe you want to run PPC ads, what is your budget, so know your budget if you have one. And make sure you budget your budget out not just for the particular month, but make sure you budget out for so long, maybe you want to start a project, hey, you're gonna give it six months, you're gonna give it 12 months. And so just make sure make sure your budget is is to the point to where you can, you can get your processes down and you can get your project flowing and going.

Also, decide what you will what you will do first, which you will pursue first. You know, are you gonna you're gonna blog first, are you going to blog and do social media? So know that also, also, learn how all of that stuff work together. You know, I talked about written visual audio. Make sure you understand how all that work together. How are you going to make all of that stuff work together on your social media platforms?

Start learning one or two social media platforms. So if you can just focus on one aim all 100% For but everybody is different, you know, some people may have, like I said, they may have a higher budget to where maybe they can hire out some people to handle their Facebook to have her IG, and so on and so forth. So, but if your budget is if your money is funny, make sure that you at least have one focus on one, wherever your audience is that wherever people are, wherever the attention is that go for that one.

I highly recommend you having a website, and not just a website, a WordPress site. So there's two different WordPress, you have and is the actual platform where you can go on and start a blog, you don't want to do that, you want to use Now, this doesn't mean go to, let me tell you the difference.

This is a hosted a self hosted site is what you want, that's And the way you go about getting your website, you have to have a hosting company, you have to and you need a domain name. So you can go to what we use is we use a couple of different ones, but the ones, the one I like to recommend is SiteGround. So you can go to, and you'll see you'll see all that in the show notes.

But the difference between the two is on, you might have some ads. You might build up a nice blog, and you're going to have some ads on it, you don't control it. So if you get your own hosting, and your own domain or You will be able to control everything in terms of you know, your plugins and your ads, your content and all that stuff. You can't do that with So you want to start your own website, start your own blog by first going to And all that now I have some more information in thein the description, or in the show notes as well.

But WordPress, you want a WordPress site, it's easy to maneuver, it's easy to easy to start, and you know, the and it works hand in hand with your you know, it can work hand in hand with social media with your social media, because you want to send people there.

Also, also,, on their website, don't be too shy to learn about installing a Facebook pixel or if you know someone that's better at it or, you know, if you got somebody that's designing your site, Install The Facebook pixel, also on there because, you know, whenever you start running Facebook, Facebook ads, you know, you can find out who, who you can start collecting data, in other words, so start collecting data by installing the Facebook pixel.

Also, you know, you must know how your audience is looking for answers, you must know how your audience is looking for answers. And remember, it's it's all about it's also all about keyword research. It's all about just research period, you know, we all have Google search. And you know, we can go find the find the industry that the people that are the, you know a few if there's someone in an industry that you're going into that that's pretty good, you know.

We definitely want to go see how they rock their platform out. And you know, you don't have to reinvent the wheel. So find out where your audience or who your audience is, or the type of people you want for the audience. What are they going? Where are they going to look for answers so google search you have Quora and so many other places also.

But those are a couple of tips I wanted to leave you with you can go to check out the show notes once again at Also keep the discussion going. If you guys have more tips, I'm sure I've you know, I didn't What about a 15, 16, 17, minute episode I don't know the time I'm just guessing I can't see my timer right here on my recorder but....

I'm sure there's other other tips that that you guys may know of and um, hey share them in the group and that's that is our private Facebook group. So come and check us out as well.

In the next episode in episode number eight, we're going to talk about how to create a digital marketing strategy. So make sure you guys check us out stay tune and we'll see you over there. Thank you.

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Andre L. Vaughn
Andre L. Vaughn

Andre L. Vaughn is a digital marketing content creator and author of "Social Media Simple Marketing" who helps creators and entrepreneurs magnify their brand message to generate leads that convert to sales. He's also a contributor at Addicted2Success, The Good MenProject & Thrive Global, and a graduate at the University of Missouri-St. Louis (B.S. Information Systems & B.S. Business Administration).

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