10 Digital Marketing Tools You Need To Grow [Episode 9]

You’re gonna need some digital marketing tools to grow your brand or business and we discuss a few in Episode 9 of the Digital Marketing Creators Podcast.  We emphasized over 10 digital marketing tools in this episode that can really help you in your journey.  Many of these are at No or Low cost to you which is very helpful as a brand new content creator or if you are experienced and want to find something new to bolster your online marketing efforts.  Have you heard Episode 8?  Check it out and tell me what you think!

Resources Mentioned In Episode 9

Get Siteground For Hosting And Domain  [Affiliate Link]*

Google Analytics

WordPress  [Install After You Get Domain And Hosting]

Aweber Email Service  [Affiliate Link]*

Mailchimp Email Service

Google Docs

Word Counter 

Tube Buddy  [Affiliate Link]*

Vid iQ

Majestic SEO

Yoast SEO  [Wordpress Plugin]

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Episode Nine of the Digital Marketing Creators Podcast, we are going to discuss some digital marketing tools that you need to grow. Stay tuned.

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Welcome to the digital marketing Creators Podcast where we help creators and entrepreneurs just like you magnify your brand message through digital marketing tips and strategies. And now your hopes and dreams.

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There are tons and tons and tons and tons and tons of tools for online marketing, or digital marketing, you're gonna hear those words, those words are gonna be interchangeable. And there's so many different tools for doing a whole lot of different things.

So in one of our previous episodes, I spoke about things such as I think I was reading this off of Neil Patel's website, how he kind of categorize digital marketing until well, he spoke about what he wrote about the seven big category. So there's more way more to the seven categories. But he spoke about from one through seven, SEO, which is search engine optimization, and SEM, which is search engine marketing, content marketing, social media marketing, Pay Per Click advertising, affiliate marketing and email marketing. And there's more than just those seven.

But there's, there's so many tools that you can use, just within those seven. And there are so many tools that you should ignore. Also, and also spoke about the three kind of the way, you should look at content marketing in terms of how people consume content. And like I said, there's so many tools that you can use and are so many tools that you probably need stay away from, also, that might confuse you and kind of screw up whatever it is that you want to do.

But I want to talk about a few right here in this episode, that can be very helpful for you. And I'm actually gonna kind of kind of break these down a little bit like the first one I want to talk about, you know, we're going to talk about what tools can I use are what's important you what some important tools that you can use for your website or your blog, first of all, your website. To number one, you're going to need hosting and you're going to need a domain. So you can't do anything without that. And we recommend SiteGround. And I spoke about that. And you can find information on it in the description, or in the show notes of this video. So SiteGround hosting and domain.

Yes, I consider that a tool. When you're talking about digital marketing tools that you need to grow. You can't grow without a website. So you can't grow without a blog. So you're going to need a hosting and domain. And like I said, we recommend SiteGround or if you if you want to use a different service or whatnot, it really doesn't matter. Just use something that's comfortable for you.

Another one also is Google Analytics. You're gonna need to make sure that you track almost everything that you do. You want to see where you want to see who's coming to your website. You want to see where they're coming from, because that's valuable information. For down the line. It's valuable information. So you want to make sure that you look at that data So, and Well, the thing that I want you to do with Google Analytics, the one thing I used to do, I used to get the plugins for, you know, my websites. And the thing that I noticed is and the thing, the thing that I noticed is sometimes when you have too many plugins on your website, that it will slow down the website. So instead of me actually getting a plugin that has Google Analytics on there, I would recommend just setting up the account and putting the code on your website, as opposed to getting the plug in. So you want to put his least amount of plugins use the least amount of plugins as you possibly can, when you're starting your WordPress site, your website or your blog. So it's going to be a WordPress site. That's what we recommend. WordPress, WordPress, WordPress, because it's easy to use.

So Google Analytics, and I spoke about hosting and domain number two you're going to need is you're going to need an auto responder, and that's an email service. And there's a few services that we recommend Aweber MailChimp, there's so many out there Constant Contact, you have active campaign, there's so many out there, but you want to you want to auto responder or email service because you want to collect emails, I don't care if you putting out content on your website, or your social platforms or whatever, you want to make sure that you have some sort of giveaway, some sort of helpful giveaway where you can collect and retain emails, text messaging is good too. So emails or text messaging, or both, but for the sake of this, we're gonna just speak of emails, and a reason why you want to collect emails, because you don't own your social media platforms.

You own per se, your blog and your website. But do you really, you don't control it. So remember, there's a difference between ownership and controlling almost, you know, they can kind of work hand in hand, but they're almost separate look at it. In terms of that. What if your social media platforms if, let's say they kick you off Instagram, which happens a lot, or they kick you off Facebook, which happens a lot, and you lose that following, and you don't, you know, you don't have, you have limited ways where you can get in contact with, you know, your fans, your followers, your audience, or you know, maybe you have a group set up, also. And that's taken away from you. You want to make sure that you develop a relationship with your fans and your followers through helpful information via email, because you own that email list. So you want to make sure you back that email list up also, as often as you possibly can. So an email service or auto responder service.

If you have a YouTube channel, youtube studio, YouTube Studio, you can check out your analytics. And there also is just as this almost it's just like Google Analytics, or Google Analytics is for your blog. YouTube studio is the same thing for your YouTube channel. Also, another thing is Google Docs. Google Docs is very important to me. And the reason it's important to me is because that's where if I get down and I'm writing, that's why I write it always right within the Google Docs because it auto saves it.

And it's in the cloud, it saves it in cloud. I don't write in WordPress, because you can accidentally delete your work. And then you're SOL . And those of you listening to this, you know what Sol May, so your blank out of luck. And you don't want to be that way. You know, you spent a whole you know, a couple hours writing his awesome content, and somehow, someway, it's disappeared on you, and you don't know how to retrieve it. So Google Docs. It's all saved in the cloud with Google Docs.

Another important tool that you need to grow is or it's an important tool to have to grow. So website call Wordcounter.net even though Google Docs has sort of, you know, kind of a word counter, it'll let you know how many words that you that you've written, actually, like do some separate, which is word counter.net. Why I actually like to copy and paste something, whether it's if it's something that I'm actually writing myself, or if it's something, something out of Google, you know, Google Docs or what not. For some reason, I don't like using Google Docs for that. It's kind of crazy, but you can, but you can copy and paste from like another site and throw it in there. Just see how many words they have, or what have you. So you can use that. I mean, that one's not not that.

Not that all that important, but I'll tell you one that is important for your YouTube channel, also as a to called TubeBuddy and TubeBuddy is awesome site that will help you tremendously with your YouTube channel. So there's so many, so many helpful things within to buddy. And there's another similar tool called Vid IQ, also, and that'll, that'll help you with a whole lot of different things within your YouTube channel. So either of those also. And I can go on and on and on and on and on and on.

But I want to shoot a quick episode about different tools that can that can help you but just for starters, I hope I put some things out there that that can help someone, whether they have a blog, or a YouTube channel or anything like that. I hope that I helped you also check this out, almost forgot this one. There's a site called Majestic SEO. So there's a lot of different keyword tools and other tools that you can use for things such as search engine optimization, SEO. And I like using Majestic SEO because there's that they actually have a free a free version of it also, where it only gives you limited limited information, but it's actually a paid tool for the most part,

But it'll help you with SEO, but probably not as much as here's a plugin in WordPress that will super duper help you and it's called Yoast SEO. So make sure you have that plug in for your blog, Yoast SEO that's Y-O-A-S-T SEO.

And if you guys have any questions, feel free to go to our Facebook group and strike up a conversation about this episode, which is episode nine and you can find the show notes at DigitalMarketingCreators.com/episode9 and Facebook group is digitalmarketingcreators.com/group.

So looking forward to seeing you over there. Also, in the next episode, I'm going to discuss Digital Marketing Tutorial for Beginners. So we're going to go through a small tutorial if you are a beginner, so make sure you stay tuned make sure you subscribe and all of that good stuff. So we'll see you in the next episode. And thank you so much.

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