Create a blog and make money could become the most ideal approach to showcase your business pushing ahead. When I began my blog on social media marketing and blogging, I immediately understood that it was not as simple as it appeared. Over a couple of years, I’ve figured out how to develop articles and many other things regarding this website.


In case you’re new to the blogging or online marketing space, here are some simple strides to make sure that you manufacture your blog legitimately from the earliest starting point.

1. Recognize Why You Have To Create A Blog That Makes Money

The ‘why’ I’m alluding to here is attached all the more intently to your business objectives. In case you’re hoping to get quick deals through creating a blog from the get-go, look somewhere else. Blogging and substance advertising, all in all, is a long haul responsibility.


Be sure about which of these you want your blog to do:

a) Build trustworthiness as an authority

b) Engage with your readers to share your content

c) Boost your pursuit profile for SEO

d) Get leads for your business

e) Monetize via ads, courses, classes, etc. 

f) Grow your email list


What you choose will influence the substance you put out and how you choose to run it. For B2B organizations, a blog ordinarily sits at the highest point of the content marketing channel to drive qualified activity to their site and manufacture integrity for their business. It’s scarcely ever an ‘assemble a blog and profit‘ situation but it can become one via quality leads.


When you create a blog without a deliberate primary concern, it can be deplorable in the long haul due to the time contributed without an arrival. For my situation, our blog is here to create great content on blogging and social media marketing along with getting free web traffic from the search engines in return. 


2. Pick A Specialty To Blog About

Before you enroll your URL name or host your blog, it’s a must to know precisely who you’re serving. Commonly, your specialty will be related to your knowledge and business. For my business its small business owners and entrepreneurs who want to grow a business using online marketing.


The kind of “raving fans” or readers you need and what you’d like them to do will influence the dialect you utilize, and these measurements help you as the website admin to make content that impacts them.


A simple method to do this for your blog is to pose these concerns:

  • What are the deepest desires of my users?
  • How might I enable them to accomplish those with content?
  • Does the substance I put out help to assemble my blog’s image as dependable to users?
  • What activity would I like them to take after reading my blog?


3. Blogging Requires A Domain & Hosting Account


Choosing a URL name that fits


Look to get a short domain name if at all possible. Shorter URLs are less demanding to recall and sort.


Utilize words that are anything but difficult to spell. This makes sharing your posts considerably less demanding.


Pick a name that suggests the specialty of your blog. Along these lines, your users can quickly think about what your blog is about, regardless of whether they’ve never known about it.


In the event that your URL is excessively particular, this can prevent you from extending your specialty later on.  Its ok to have a and use a micro niche to focus on because getting a domain name for it could be easier.


Choosing A Hosting Company Like Hostgator


I recommend using Hostgator for all of your website needs especially if you are a beginner.


Their entire interface and 1-Click WordPress installation is the perfect match for any aspiring blogger who wants to create a blog.


For the most part, there are some moderate alternatives that work awesome for new blog proprietors, and more particular and enhanced choices for online journals with more movement.


Here are some key things to note:


If you plan to have your site on the WordPress platform, your website will have a cPanel dashboard that gives you a chance to introduce your blog quickly.


Hostgator’s support staff  (or what ever company you choose for your hosting) will guarantee you that they can solve almost any glitch regarding your website. They will know exactly what to do when addressing an issue and will be able to check responsiveness and competency after you create a blog.


You can host your website for as little as under $10/month.  Be well aware that some hosting companies may have a tendency to have higher rates so watch the amount you’re paying.


4. Get The Best Free Or Paid WordPress Themes

There are a large number of free and paid themes that enable you to redo the visual outline of your blog. We use the Optimize Press blogging system which comes with a multitude of landing pages where you can collect emails. 


Creating a blog that makes money can conceivably support your business by helping you connect with more leads, potential clients and you can be seen as an expert in your niche. 


Check out our video titled “How To Create A Website Step By Step Tutorial (Easy in 2018!) 

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Andre L. Vaughn
Andre L. Vaughn

Andre L. Vaughn is a digital marketing content creator and author of "Social Media Simple Marketing" who helps creators and entrepreneurs magnify their brand message to generate leads that convert to sales. He's also a contributor at Addicted2Success, The Good MenProject & Thrive Global, and a graduate at the University of Missouri-St. Louis (B.S. Information Systems & B.S. Business Administration).

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