7 Digital Marketing Mistakes To Avoid That Firms Keep Making

digital marketing mistakes to avoid

Making digital marketing mistakes is apart of the online landscape for businesses and even creators so recognizing them and taking action can be difficult.  One of the hardest things to do is to recognize how to grow, when to move forward with a solid plan and executing of those ideas. When it comes to the…

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What Is Digital Marketing And How Does It Work Today?

What is Digital Marketing

When I am asked the question, “What Is Digital Marketing?” I usually think about a multitude of online platforms that serve many purposes digitally that can be explained in so many ways.   A simple definition of “What Is Digital Marketing?” is online advertising that occurs through digital platforms or channels.  Also it’s when products or…

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Are You Ready For What’s Coming In Digital Marketing?

Ready For What's Coming In Digital Marketing

Technology is fast paced, to say the least as everyone knows and takes time to adapt to it regardless of the size of a company.  Putting your organization in a winning position while using new technologies with digital marketing could be the difference between being an industry leader or suffering a slow demise. If you…

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