Social Media Marketing vs Traditional Marketing [Episode 22]

Digital Marketing Creators Podcast Episode 22

In Episode 22, we discuss Social Media Marketing vs Traditional Marketing which is a searched term that garners much attention.  We define what social media marketing is and give some examples of it.  We also do the same for traditional marketing and some of the interworking parts of the medium.  We talk a lot about the differences and compare them both to show why there is room to use both social media marketing and traditional marketing together.

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In this episode of the Digital Marketing Creators Podcast, we are going to talk about social media marketing versus traditional marketing. Stay tuned.

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It's a highly, highly searched term. I don't know about saying highly highly. But I know it's a highly searched term, which is social media marketing, versus traditional marketing, you have a lot of people out there that's curious about, you know, the differences and the effectiveness and all of those things. When it comes to the to social media marketing, which is the I'm using my air quotes here, the new kid on the block, and traditional marketing, which is what we are already used to. So in social media marketing, there's so many routes we can go. But we'll, we'll keep it basic here. Or we'll keep it in a way where you can understand what social media marketing really is. And of course, we're going to talk about traditional How about we do it? How about we do this?

How about we talk about traditional marketing first, and then we'll discuss the social media marketing, the different types and what goes into it and all of that. Okay, so the types of traditional marketing and actually wrote a article that was, it was almost liked it it actually wasn't, it wasn't termed social media marketing versus traditional marketing, I actually need to write one that says that. But I spoke somewhat about this, especially on the traditional marketing, so I actually called it what actually the section of it was, you know, what is traditional marketing versus digital marketing? And you can find it at will, we'll have the link in the show notes about that.

We'll have the link in the show notes to this article. Actually, the article is called what is digital marketing? And how does it work today. So what we talked about in his article, I said, luckily, traditional marketing is still around today, which it is, which it is, it's also the digital counterpart, obviously, both are ingenuous. If you have a budget for both, there's a place for both also stated on marketing teams will always go back and forth with different opinions about both, especially if their data data supports one over the other.

But to give a breakdown of traditional marketing, and it's, you know, the usual television, radio, newspapers, print magazine, billboards, and posters, direct mail, and there's a few others, but we'll just kind of focus just on those televisions. You know, many of us watch TV, and what what they usually I guess the network's usually do is you know, the commercials, the commercials, they pay the bills, the commercials of advertising that is most familiar to us when we think about TV marketing, radio, same thing. Radio is another form of traditional marketing.

And, you know, we've all listened to the radio and, you know, heard the different radio personalities discuss, you know, paying the bills or whatnot, and they just mean the advertisements that's on the radio and usually happens when it comes to a commercial break newspapers, newspapers, they exist because they sell space, in the papers for businesses who want to get in front of obviously, the different readers that that news Paper has print magazines and other old school traditional marketing method. You know the readership is very similar to newspapers.

This medium has been one of the earliest advertising platforms. Also, we see this every day, if we're driving to work or just out and about maybe going to the gym or just driving or going somewhere. billboards and posters, we see them all over the place, probably the oldest form of print media, billboards and posters. As early as the late 15th century Europe, they refer to it as wild posting, or Bill posting, you know, it's a guerilla marketing method, or pollsters, or put up so low budget method that is still used today to capture the attention of prospects and customers.

One of the most, I guess, I would say one of the most modernize of traditional marketing is direct mail. As described here, direct mail marketing occurs when businesses and letters and postcards are the promotional materials to past current or potential customers or clients. So we are familiar with direct mail, we get it at our mail, almost every day, we get some type of advertising, that that can occur, whether it's a single piece of mail, or it may even occur where let's say, if you get a utility, your utility bill, there may be an advertisement in there. For some it's shared. Direct Mail is what's going on with that. So traditional marketing, those traditional marketing methods that we just went through. For the most part

A quick break in the episode, I want to talk about a resource page that I put together with a lot of helpful things on or something much different than the show notes. So says things such as our ebooks and audio books, a whole bunch of other resources with affiliate links and things like that. So make sure you check that out at,, check it out. Back to the show.

social media marketing, as we all know, it's the the Facebook's of the world, Instagram, tik, Tok, YouTube, Twitter, Snapchat, Pinterest, LinkedIn, all of those sites, they're now within social media marketing, there's a, there's a lot going on, or just within social media, you have a couple of different elements, you have long form content that use on certain platforms. And that could be either written that could be audio, or video. And that can occur in the short term, as well or short form,

I keep saying short term, I need to stop saying that I'm working on it. I'm working on short form content. So long, I guess long form, content platforms would be something such as, I guess, Facebook, you can say, different elements of Facebook, there's different elements of YouTube, Instagram, LinkedIn, you also have basically the direction that social media marketing is going into for this type of content is pretty much the short form content because our attention spans are not as long as we think they are.

You see a lot of 10 second videos 15 second videos, you see a lot of that right now we're platforms such as Tik Tok, YouTube shorts, also, you know, Facebook with their reels. Instagram has reels. Also Pinterest has something called ideas, idea, pins, you have long form content, short form content, like I said, within that you have video content, video content is going to rue everything at the end of the day. It's easy to make is easy to produce. It gets the most responses with social media marketing, even if, if you have a blog, if you have a blog, it's going to be shared on one of those platforms, pretty much Facebook, something like Facebook, Pinterest, Twitter, you also have platforms that have audio content, audio content with place such as clubhouse, you have Twitter spaces, also.

And even with this, this is all organic content that I'm talking about. This is organic content. This is content where a lot of times people just produce it and they put it out there or, you know, they'll put it out there and let's say like a blog and then you know, maybe their readership will start sharing it on these different social media platforms. Or if you have video content on Tik Tok, you know the people that's already on Tik Tok.

They're going to share your video. You also have the with social media marketing, what's really, really powerful is their ad platforms. That's the probably one of the most powerful things about social media marketing. And that's the difference between social media. That's one huge difference between social media marketing and traditional marketing ad platform, you can reach your target audience, using different ad platforms using an ad platform like Facebook, using an up platform of Instagram, YouTube, you can reach your target or even a place such as and it's not actually a social media platform. It's search engine Google with their app platform.

And the reason why I say Google is because it's owned by YouTube, and it's the same, it's pretty much a very similar, you use the same thing for Google ads, as you do for YouTube ads. Basically, there's the same interface in order to make that happen. But you can, you can go right to your targeted audience. By using these ad platforms, you can reach your customer base or reach a look alike audience is what Facebook has Facebook and Instagram, you can have a look alike audience and you can reach your targeted audience at the speed of light, who pretty much I still think there is a place for traditional marketing. I still think TV is great. Radio is great. Newspaper, print, magazine, all of that stuff,

I still think is great direct mail at all depends on what you're doing. Now depends on what business that you're in. But I still think there's a place for that. And all of this even online, the ad platforms and all that even online, online, the one thing that social media marketing and traditional marketing have, that's the same. And it's something as simple as supply and demand. Supply and demand is something that simple. I'll give you an example. The difference with or not the difference, but I'll take like tick tock tick tock is hot right now. Steel is hot right now.

YouTube shorts, it's hot right now. That's the short form version of TiC tock, even Instagram reels is hot right now. And it's supply and demand those platforms, they want more content, they want more content, because they are well, it's it's supply and demand. So they're, the audience want more, they want more. And then those, those platforms are young. And when those when you have a young social media platform, they want more organic content. And obviously when they get to levels, they'll start tapering off. In other words, the algorithms, the algorithms will play well, when the demand is high. When the supply gets there, you'll see the algorithms change, then they'll start focusing on those platforms and start focusing more on the ad platforms, price of the app platforms go up.

So right now you have even on social media marketing, I'll throw some Elsen are like Instagram, their Instagram Stories, you can run ads on Instagram Stories, you can run cheap ads on Instagram stories also. Because the because of supply and demand, there's not a lot of advertisers compare it to the other platforms and maybe their their other products. There's no there's not enough people doing Instagram stories. It's not enough doing ads on Instagram stories. Remember that it's all supply and demand. It's planning man, but there's a place for both. It really is a place for both of you.

If you're in a real estate, direct mail is pretty good. You can obviously do some, you can build a platform online, somehow you can build a platform, let's say tick tock, if you're a real estate agent, and receive all the organic benefits, same as we do to shorts, Instagram reels right now, you can build a platform on either those three, or one of those three, focus on one of those three, and organic Ricci, you'll get is out of this world. And like I said, you can use direct mail. Also, maybe you don't have to spend a lot of money on direct mail, you can just focus right on social, you know, the social media platforms.

There's a lot that you can do. There's a lot that you can do when it comes to social media marketing and traditional marketing, but there's definitely a place for both. Are you using both social media marketing and traditional marketing? What types of traditional marketing are you using? What platforms are you killing it on? Or what platforms are you using in the social media world? So let me know.

You can leave. Leave that in the comments in I guess in iTunes or you can go to our private Facebook group at and keep the discussion going. Let's keep the discussion going. If you guys got any question Just for me, if you have anything in that private Facebook group, just join, join the group, if you haven't already. And of course ask whatever question what you want. And we can start strike up discussion and we can, we can talk all day in there doesn't matter. I don't mind hanging out in there and answering questions for you guys. So And of course, we will see you in the next episode. I really appreciate you guys thank you!

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