How To Get Clients For Social Media Marketing [Episode 21]

Digital Marketing Creators Podcast Episode 21

Getting clients for your social media marketing business can be a tough task if you don’t have the knowledge to acquire it and we discuss this in Episode 21.  We explore Three things you need to do if you have a social media marketing business, email services you’re going to need to collect emails, using images in your carousels (Linkedin), and other helpful things that you can do to get clients for your business.  Take a listen and enjoy!

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Episode number 21 of the Digital Marketing Creators Podcast. Today we're gonna talk about how to get clients for social media, marketing. Stay tuned.

Welcome to the Digital Marketing Creators Podcast where we help creators and entrepreneurs just like you magnify your brand message through digital marketing tips and strategies. And now your host Andre Vaughn.

As a creator, or entrepreneur, you have so many things coming your way in terms of online marketing, digital marketing, and it can be so confusing, but we broke it down in this free mini course that we have, it's called the five day digital marketing mini course. And you can get that at or anywhere on that website, you should see something where you can sign up for that free course. And it's not a long course either. It's a real short course. And you know, we didn't want to take up a lot of your time when we put it together. But it kind of guides you through different aspects of of digital marketing, and we try to keep it condensed for you. So check that out at

All right, we're gonna try to lay down the foundation of how to get clients. If you have a consulting business, if you have a social media marketing, consulting business, and you and you want to get clients, so we're gonna talk about three things that you should be doing three main things. One of them is having a website, the importance of having a website is so important to have a website these days, it's almost, it almost feels like it's a little foreign not to have a website, because that's the first place that potential clients are gonna go back to they're gonna go and check out your website.

They're gonna go to your about page and see what's on your about page, see what you're about, see who you are, what you talk about, and what's your brand talk about? What should they want to see, if you're, you know, you have to speak to them. So you have to have a branded clear message on that website. And that goes the same, you know, for your social media accounts also.

But they're going straight to your website, and they're gonna go to that a bio page, and they're gonna, they're gonna, they're digging, because they're curious, you know, they want to know, you know, can this can this person help me? Also, on their website, make sure you have a blog, you want to make sure that you have targeted posts on your blog, you know.

How can you help them? Can you help them with their social media ads, social media, marketing ads? Can you help them grow their Instagram? Can you help them, you know, with their stories, you know, can you help them, you know, grow their tic tock page, grow their Snapchat and all that stuff. So make sure that you have targeted posts, on your blog, helpful posts on your blog.

Also, make sure that you have some sort of giveaway. And you're like, wow, giveaway. Yeah, a freebie. And that's a mini course, some sort of a guide, or even an ebook. And that's all gone to is going to lean right on into the number two thing that I want to talk about, which is the email service that you're going to need for that, because you want to collect emails, and that's why you want to give away a freebie you want to give away any book on your website, you want to give away, maybe a mini course, or some sort of guide, just something helpful.

So you're going to need that email service or auto responder, and that's Aweber that's ConvertKit that's MailChimp, that's Active Campaign Klayvio there's, there's so many, so many out there, you're gonna need them. Because what that does is it's going to once you set all that up, it's going to help you build an email list of people that potentially want to work with you. They're gonna want to work with you. Now they may not want to work with you right then and there.

But, you know, if you keep putting out consistent content and you want to give them updates, also, not only you just want to you know on your website, you know, give away that freebie but you want to give away you want to, you know, update them. So you might want to send them something every week or twice a week. Whether you're, you know, you have a new blog post, you have a new video, you know, a new podcast episode, you know, just something that they can be updated on, you know, you you have just something helpful that, you know.

They're constantly seeing that they see that maybe this guy, or maybe this gal or maybe this company can help me that email service or that auto responders what is called also it's very, very helpful. Bull. And a third thing. If you're trying to get clients for your social media marketing business, make sure that you have a LinkedIn account. Make sure you have a LinkedIn personal account, make sure that you have a LinkedIn business page, also for your business. Very important, very important. Because here's what you can do on those you can, you can do things such as write articles on LinkedIn, I'm not sure how many of you have are, how many of you are on LinkedIn or have been on LinkedIn, but you can write articles on LinkedIn, you also can do what's called carousel posts.

Where, you know, let's say if you are, maybe you're teaching something on, this is the best way to utilize Tik Tok, and you got seven steps. So in that carousel, you can add, I believe, you can add 10 different images or 10, you know, 10 different images or whatnot. They can be images, they can be videos, but I would, I would recommend using images, you know, where you actually say something on each image where you helping them. Because what that LinkedIn algorithm is going to do, let's say if they're scrolling through that, and they see they scrolled through like the first two or three.

And if they do some, like engage on their posts, like like that post, and let's say they, you know, they move on to something else, that post is going to come back up in their feed at some point, so they're gonna see it again. Yeah, they can they can scroll right through it. And you know, yeah, helpful, things like that carousels, you can use text posts, you also want to use, you know, make sure there's an image and the text polls also, obviously, you can use, here's the big thing.

One big thing, before I get to the big thing you can do, you can go live on LinkedIn. Also, I believe you have to have an established account before you go live. I don't think they just let anybody go live. Think about going live also on LinkedIn. But the important thing, the big thing, the quote unquote, big thing that I was gonna say real quick is videos, create video content on LinkedIn. And here's, here's what you can do you make sure that it's going to be educational or entertaining, make sure you tell a story. If you can tell educational story you can tell a entertaining story, whatever it is, if you can tell a story is going to connect, it's going to connect with someone.

And then you're going to have people in your DM so you're going to have people you know, reaching out to you, and so on and so forth, especially if it's something that goes viral. And you can go viral on LinkedIn. Also, with that video, that video, make sure it's about a minute and a half a two minute, no more than three minute video, tale, a story, those three things, you can actually get clients. Doing those three things right there, make sure you have a website and blog, email marketing service, make sure you're on LinkedIn and you start you a personal account and start a business account post content on both are mainly on your personal account.

And on your business account. I guess you can share things that's on your personal account. Or if you want exclusive content on your business account, your LinkedIn business page and whatnot, you can do that also. So there's, there's no limit to what you can do when you're trying to get clients but I wanted to keep it concise. I wanted to keep it easy. On his podcast episode for you guys.

Just make sure that you go to our private Facebook group at Digital Marketing forward slash group to strike up a conversation. Let's talk more about this. Also, show notes at Digital Marketing forward slash, episode number 21. Wow, episode number 21. Hey, we'll see you in the next episode of the digital marketing Creators Podcast. Hey, make sure that you guys leave a review. Also subscribe and leave a review. It helps us so much when you guys leave reviews.

If you're on iTunes, you know, leave a rating and review. If you're on Spotify, you can leave a review and whatever, wherever else, you're listening to this and you can leave a review it really really helps us a lot and it helps people know that we do exists. And you know how the other different algorithms work, you know, if you like share review and all of that stuff, but in the case of podcasting podcasters we need review. So make sure it's yeah, it's an honest review. You know, we're not coming on your accent for five star review. If you think we should get a five star review. Hey, we're grateful for it. And we definitely thank you guys. So yeah, check us out. We'll be in the next. Not sure what the next episode is. But there will be a next episode of the Digital Marketing Creators Podcast. Hey, we'll see you over there. Thank you so much.

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Andre L. Vaughn

Andre L. Vaughn is a digital marketing content creator and author of "Social Media Simple Marketing" who helps creators and entrepreneurs magnify their brand message to generate leads that convert to sales. He's also a contributor at Addicted2Success, The Good MenProject & Thrive Global, and a graduate at the University of Missouri-St. Louis (B.S. Information Systems & B.S. Business Administration).

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