What Really Is Behind Short Form Content? [Episode 23]

Digital Marketing Creators Podcast Episode 23

We talk about how short form content is everywhere and why it’s the most effective form on social media in Episode 23.  There’s a lot of discussion on popular social media sites such as TikTok, YouTube Shorts, Instagram Reels and Stories and also how Brands that make education a priority in their marketing strategy can improve lead generation and build stronger brand loyalty when using these platforms.  Lastly, pay close attention to how we discuss the supply and demand of content and how it affects the algorithms and ad platforms.

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Episode 23 of the Digital Marketing Creators Podcast we're talking about short form content what really is behind short form content. Stay tuned.

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Short form content is something that is becoming a force right now in the digital marketing space in the social media world, with companies such as platforms like Tiktok, Instagram, with their reels, YouTube shorts, Pinterest, Snapchat, all of those different companies. short form video is everywhere. I was I was reading an article on HubSpot this article is awesome. I'm gonna link this up in the show notes. There are a bunch of different articles with a bunch of different statistics out there, but this one here, um, I really love this one. I'm gonna go through it and talk about some things in it. HubSpot...HubSpot. They did. They did a service called the HubSpot Blogs 2022 Marketing Industry Survey Trends.

Surveys that are talking about different trends and they found that more than half of marketers actually 51% who use short form video plan to increase their investment in 2022, which is this year we're almost at the end of the year but this is not a carry on and be even better into 2023 also said Meanwhile, 38% plan to continue investing the same amount of short form video has the highest ROI of any social media marketing strategy is 30% of social media marketers plan to invest in it more than any other trend. It says according to 2022 Video Marketing Report by the HubSpot blog the general consensus between marketers is that any video under 60 seconds is considered short form with the optimal length between 31 and 60 seconds. It cites a guy I guess he works for a former digital marketer for HubSpot Academy I guess his name is Brandon Sanders. He says with the rise of platforms like Tiktok reals, short form video is actually getting shorter and lending itself more to 60 seconds to two minute videos.

And there was another study done by I can't pronounce that. But it's a reported that people share videos at twice the rate than any other form of content. It also found that 84% of people were convinced to buy a product or service based on the brand's video. I can honestly believe that because I share a lot of different things off of you know, just on kind of my personal Facebook profile. I'm always downloading something from Tik Tok and sharing it or what have you.

Also it says this HubSpot 2021 Social media trends report and it's 2022 Video Marketing Report says short form ranks number one for lead generation and engagement. Do you hear that? Short form video ranks number one for lead generation engagement, you can capture somebody's attention. In a short form video. Marketers will invest in short form video than any other content. It says nearly half 47% of marketers surveyed believe short form videos are most likely to go viral. Wow. 4% of marketers surveyed say the company's their company's leverage leveraging shark form videos says 85% of marketers say short form videos are the most effective form on social media 85% of marketers say short form videos are the most effective format on social media. That is a big number of marketers with it just lets me know that they're seeing the same thing that I'm seeing.

So we all have come to an almost consensus on the importance of of short form video says tick tock, for instance, is run by it says dances sounds and social challenges. So to get on the for you page on tick tock, which is equal to the Explore page on Instagram brands must often join in on the fun and that's if you're following a trend, you know, you don't you don't have to do the same thing. But if you're following the trend, or if you want to make a certain trend, palatable for maybe your audience, you can follow a trend but make it um, for your you know, for your particular audience on Tic Tok.

It says, um, short form video trends to look out for brand challenges. Basically, what I was just talking about and gives a good example of video of a brands like Colgate Wow, in Florida ads, brands have been leveraging influencer marketing for years, that's not new. However, we're seeing more brands use them in short form video content. I'm seeing a bunch of that one in particular, there's, there's a company that I'm very fond of, almost there that say their name, but I see them all the time. That's because I'm always I'm always liking things on their pages, checking them out, and I'm thinking about actually purchasing their products.

And almost every ad I see on Tik Tok, relating to this particular product, they're using influencer marketing, and you know, these are influences because it's very detail you can tell of a highly produced video and the video that's not and there's like a bunch of different videos out there. And they're all similar. So you know, they're influencers, you know, they're not, you know, either employ employees or anything like that they're fluid, they're people that actually use the product, you can tell that that this particular company, that that they paid these influencers to make these videos, influencer ads is very prevalent on tick tock talks about product teasers, also, and how usually those are within that 6o second range.

Also, the other thing they talk about, and I see, like I said, with with influence marketers, marketing, pretty much almost the same. And that's more user generated content and consumers genuine generally, love user generated content. And that's what captured me on that particular company that I was that I was speaking of, is that, in fact, it influences their purchasing decisions more than brand or influencer generated content. So yeah, those are that's a lot of user generated content for that particular product that I've been saying. I'm already going to purchase the product, but they're there. They just grabbed me and I guess they keep grabbing me. And so because they want me to, like get off this podcast episode right now in order. So yeah, but user generated content says according to HubSpot blog research, UGC, which acronym for user generated content, also offers great ROI with 40% of marketers surveyed.

Ranking is a high ROI format on social media. And what's what's really, really eye opening. It says, The research also suggests that it's popular with Gen Z, which is the biggest demographic on Tik Tok. And it says Why is UGC a winning strategy? Well, without using too many resources, brands can publish video content that evoke emotion. And that is huge when it comes to short form content. If you really really study it, I see it on Tik Tok. I really see it on YouTube, where the content creator, they do some things to evoke emotion, it might be something as simple as a sale on YouTube shorts. It might be something as simple as the title.

The last part of the title it might be something as simple as any emoji in the video or emoji in the title. It invokes emotion, and I use an example right here of Kapolei actually Is video I haven't even watched the video but just looking at the front of the video of this Chipotle video, they evoke emotion. What's the first thing I see? I see any emoji. Even though this is a tic tac video, they evoke emotion even though people are excited in the frame that I'm seeing right here on this particular video. The next one he talks about is more behind the brand. Video says consumers seek out authenticity and transparency and brands. With short form video, you only have a few seconds to connect with your audience. And that's very true.

There's a book called Hook Point and it talks about how the first three seconds of a video is very important. And that's very important on tick tock and YouTube shorts. Any any of these platforms, the first three seconds are huge. It says, How do you do that? Well, there's no exact science to it. But consumers tend to feel more connected to brands that show the people behind the brand. It says in one Sprout Social study, 70% of consumers said they felt more connected to brands who CO was active on social media platforms, it can kind of humanizes that that CEO that that he's one of us. And I believe that's why 70% of those consumers said that, you know, it's the it's the authenticity factor behind the you know, behind the scenes and the content for brands like that on platforms like Tiktok.

Alright, more explainer, our educational videos that says brands will likely focus on educational content in their short form videos, you know, the how tos the DIYs and explainer videos, said 32% of marketers surveyed say they currently leverage educational content and 57% of those who do so say it's one of the most effective content type says educational videos are great added value content because they help audiences in their day to day lives. brands that make education a priority in their marketing strategy can improve lead generation and build stronger brand loyalty. And I believe that also, and this is just things that I'm seeing myself, you know, when studying, you know, this, this short form genre, the tiktoks, the YouTube shorts, Instagram reels,

so on and so forth. This is very, very true. There is social media, content managers, she says that it's a low commitment and engaging way to connect with the audience. So you can get a good laugh and learn something in a minute or less on tick tock, or reels. As she says on the flip side, it's also relatively easy to create, which means there are more people, so more people who can share the humor or points of view. You know, the desire to be on trend is always tempting. You know, she says, not every viral Tiktok sound or main format will align with a content strategy or brand so don't force it the best platforms for short form videos. This is the same article this this article was amazing. HubSpot, I'll leave it like I said in the show notes. They have a list of eight best platforms for short form videos, but I'm only gonna talk about three of them. And that's the first three on the list. That's tic tock Instagram, Rios, YouTube shorts.

Quick break in the episode, I want to talk about a resource page that I put together with a lot of helpful things on or something much different than the show notes. So it has things such as our ebooks and audio books, my whole bunch of other resources with affiliate links and things like that. So make sure you check that out at DigitalMarketingCreators.com/resources. DigitalMarketingCreators.com/resources. Check it out. Back to the show.

What they say said about tick tock is with at least 47% of its users between 10 and 29 years old Tik Tok is definitely the platform for the millennial and Gen Z. Population. It says The Tick Tock homepage features a timeline of videos separated into two tabs. The following tab, with videos posted to the US to the users follows an algorithmic driven for you page based on user behavior. And if you've been on Tik Tok, you've probably seen a bunch of that hashtag FYP that's what that means the for you page.

A lot of times when people upload content to Tik Tok, that's one of the hashtags that they use. They also use hashtag trending. I also use hashtag viral, and a few other ones. Also, the Discover tab on tick tock for highlights trending topics and hashtags are a great source for marketers to generate new content ideas b2b marketers have been wary of using the platform. But it could be because success on the platform relies on emotional appeal. I actually have an episode coming up. Actually, it's actually the next episode, Episode 24 of why I'm going all in on tick tock and I want to talk about some of that stuff. On the next episode.

It says according to a LinkedIn study, b2b strategies that appeal to emotions are seven times more effective for revenue generation than rational messaging. Still not quite convinced Tik Tok is viable. This is what they're saying. They're basically asking a question, still not quite convinced. Tik Tok is a viable marketing platform for your business. And it's telling you check out this video, but tick tock is the real deal. And it's the real deal, because of the way the algorithm plays, you can, you can make 10 videos on Tiktok, the first nine or the first, let's say, six, you can get 100 views, 50 views, and that seventh video, you might get a million views. So that's how tic tock works.

And it's not just that there's a science that goes behind the entire, there's a science that goes behind the entire, the entire thing. So it's not it's not just that, you know, a lot of times people wonder, man, why did I get 50 on this video, and boom, I got 50,000 on this video, you know, so on and so forth. You know, there's a reason behind that. And it's not just because, you know, you did the first six, you just happen to get the first six videos and then the seventh, you just, you know, it's not that there's certain things that you did in that video to make that algorithm catch on to what you're talking about, then they send it out to the audience that you're trying to, basically that you're trying to capture.

But there's this you did something to make the algorithm tick upwards. So you did something so but next I'm talking about reels it says some call it Tick Tock 2.0 But Instagram Rios is providing to be its own beasts. Alright, it says the reels tab on Instagram is a scrollable video timeline. All you have to do is go on air. If you're not familiar with Instagram, if you haven't downloaded it or if you're not on there already, it tells you what the user see. They're really the riffs. And like I said, it's the ribs, the ribs, the reels tab like it says it's it's what users see on their Explore page. It says with over 1 billion active monthly users. Instagram already had consumers attention going a launch rails back in August of 2020. It became another marketing tool for brands and a worthy opponent for Tik Tok Instagram caters to a broader age demographic.

Then, Tik Tok is you probably already know with its big brother Facebook. And it says and when considering their other marketing features. Rails is another wait for brands to expand their reach in a minute or less. But it's basically to a very similar platforms tick tock, but it still doesn't work. None of these platforms work exactly alike. Not to a tee. They have a bunch of similarities, but they all don't work. Just like one another. All right. The last one is YouTube shorts. YouTube shorts is YouTube's latest attempt to turn its long form video platform into one that also has short form content.

They started testing it back in September of 2020 Looks like the pandemic was the rise of all of these platforms, even though tick tock tick tock was called musically, so they were kind of already out once these other two platforms, the other two big dogs, Facebook and Google YouTube, once they saw what it was doing, and they you know, they had to jump on it, they had to hop on it. That's what they did. When using YouTube's mobile app, you'll see that shorts now have the dedicated tab on the platform users can create shorts up to 60 seconds and so on and so forth. It's a similar way to both of these other platforms.

The usage, tic tac and is to Graham reels, actually, all three of these platforms are different, they are so different. And you probably say, Well, how so how are they different, they're different in terms of when you make content on them, when you make content on them, I'll just give it to you like this, the same exact things that work on tick tock is not guaranteed to work on Instagram is not guaranteed to work on YouTube shorts and vice versa for for the other two, also. So you have to learn how to use if you're, if you're creating content, you have to learn how to use these platforms, if you I mean, if you've got to be using these platforms, you got to learn what makes people tick on each other. They're, they're different.

So they also cut down back when back when tick tock started, I remember a lot of people were just downloading their tic TOCs, and just upload to Instagram. And they're not really allowing, you know, those algorithms, they're gonna, they're cutting down on that. And for any of them, they're cutting down on that. So you have to make the content slightly different, can't make it all the same and expect to upload it everywhere. It's not gonna work that way.

You know, you could do that back in 2020, when, you know, these platforms were you know, when they were when they were hotter, stored, I like to use the platform is hot, it's just a different ballgame. Now, it's different ballgame. Now, you know, these are especially Instagram and and YouTube, we google those two are publicly traded companies, things are going to things are always going to change. So they have they have shareholders.

So they're the company is always different when they have shareholders when are you know making money for for other people, you know, you have investors that invested in in buying, you know, buying these companies, their parent companies, things always gonna be different with publicly traded companies, I don't care if it's and in the social media space or with any with any company, so everything is not going to stay stay the same, like tick tock, right now, it's not going to that that algorithm is not going to stay the same forever, I doubt it is going to change and it's going to change because supply and demand, not just Tik Tok, but the other two, also, its supply and demand, you know, the, they want more content.

And when they want more content, you already know the ad platforms on each of them, they're going to be portion ads, heavy, you know, with with supply and demand. And that's just how it works. That's how it works. every social media platform is like that, it's all about supply and demand. And this little bit off the off the almost off the subject, but with with stories, Instagram stories, you know, you can sail, or you can use ads on Instagram story. So but a lot of people are not doing there's plenty of supply in Instagram stories, the demand right now for I guess the regular Instagram feed, you know, the demand for it, there's not a whole lot of, of supply out there for it at this stage, so they're focusing a lot more on ads.

And when they do that ad costs go up, when the when the demand is like that the ad costs go up with the social media platforms, and all of them are very similar in the way they operate. All of them are, especially now, all those companies, they operate in the same manner with the supply, they want supply. So they want content. It's different when when it fluctuates, when the supply, you know, supplies up and demand is down, and so on and so forth. It's all the same if you understand supply and demand, it's not hard, it's just like anything else. Anything else in I guess the free market society, so

to speak a free market economy. So it's very, very similar. So remember, the attention span of viewers is short. So that's the intrigue of short form content. Supply and demand is is definitely a moving force. The algorithms you know that feed off the supply and demand are huge, but this this article is is a great article to check out. I'll leave them in the show notes that digitalmarketingcreators.com/episode23 So if you've got any questions, feel free to go to our Facebook group digitalmarketingcreators.com/group. In the next episodes gonna be episode 24 coming up. We're gonna talk about why I'm going all in on. Tick tock on net I thought I'd say that I never thought I want to even go on Tik Tok, but it's needed. Check that out. It's episode 24 coming up, hey, thanks for listening, and enjoy.

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Andre L. Vaughn

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