Pros And Cons Of YouTube Shorts [Episode 44]

Digital Marketing Creators Podcast Episode 44

In Episode 44, we discuss YouTube Shorts Pros and Cons.  Shorts are a relatively new form of content on YouTube. They are short, usually 3-5 minutes long, and can be used for a variety of purposes.  They have recently become more popular and more widely used.  You don’t need any expensive equipment to make a YouTube Short, so you can make them anywhere you are with your phone or computer camera.   YouTube Shorts provide an opportunity to reach more people with your message in a short amount of time and provide plenty of advantages and disadvantages and we will discuss a few of each in this Episode.

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In this Episode 44 of the Digital Marketing Creators Podcast we're going to talk about the pros and cons of YouTube shorts. Stay tuned.

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YouTube shorts is all about competing with Instagram Reels, TikToks all of that, you know all the short form platforms, Snapchat, all of all of those guys. But in this episode, we're going to talk about some advantages and disadvantages are pros and cons. Have you want to say it of YouTube shorts? The first one we're going to talk about we're going to talk about the the advantages first. And then the disadvantage. The first advantage is and I'm I'm actually I'm gonna refer to a great article, I forget the name of the website, my my eye Yan, I don't know, I've never heard of it. But the article I was reading and talks about how they give or give for for advantages and for disadvantages. Easy to create videos as the first pro of the first advantage says it's easy to create and upload YouTube shorts as you can do it instantly from the YouTube app, all you need to do is just tap on app to record a short video and another to stop it.

Next thing that happens is it goes live instantly. Not only saves time, but you also can upload it says five to 10 short videos to help you maximize your reach. If you are new to YouTube, you can get around. They say that number of 500 views but it's much higher than that if you do it right. The only thing that I'd say about that last part is I mean, I agree it's easy to create the videos. But the one thing that I will say is that I would not upload a video. In YouTube. It depends on what kind of content you're creating. But the kind of content I create, I do everything off the app. I record off the app I don't record inside the app. Now, like I said, it all depends on what type of content you create is not a bad thing. If you create a video within App, you have to do what's best for you. But the second advantage that they talk about says you don't have to use a computer. You don't have to have professional level skills to upload videos to YouTube shorts.

If you have a smartphone which almost all of us have smartphones, especially in I'm assuming if you're listening to this in the US I know people listen all over the world but if you have a smartphone you can do it rather quickly because of that YouTube app itself is basically what they're saying here and it says the number three advantage gaining new subscribers is one of the main advantages says with entertaining and informative content YouTube shorts, benefits you in terms of a new audience based on your niche you can gain more views and likely potential subscribers in a very short amount of time. Viewers these days are more interested in shorter videos rather than the lengthy stuff. That's mainly why YouTube short is the first choice for many newbies. I don't know if it's the first choice for many newbies, but I definitely understand what they're saying and getting new subscribers is one of the main advantages because the algorithm the recommended and interest base algorithm of what search search is, well. The algorithm doing YouTube shorts is your reach is there so the reach is huge. You can reach a lot of different people you can reach your intended potential customers or what have you. Says number four the fourth advantage engage users view viewers prefer watching more and less time and that's the biggest one of the big advantages on YouTube short you can create around 20 to 30. I don't know about that. They're saying some about creating 20 or 30 videos per day, you don't have to do that. That's, that's too many you can create. If you're starting off, you can start creating two or three videos a day 20 to 30. I definitely don't agree with that.

The disadvantages of YouTube short says some creators often face problems with the too short from eliminating content to server problems. I talked about the number one disadvantage technical issues, say as YouTube shorts are uploaded with smartphones to the YouTube apps, that means that you have to deal with the apps technical issues. And that's, that's pretty much with any app says often times the YouTube server might be down or the app is under maintenance. That's I haven't experienced that. But you know, I'm sure some people do. And like I said, depending on where across the world, you're using this app dependent on your broadband or Wi Fi capability. So I can see that. Second disadvantages. It says time limitations are common disadvantages you you too. So shorts, says if you are not an expert at explaining it all within a minute, you may get no views or likes at all, you can actually do videos and I try to keep most of my videos of this just right now this may change at some point, but I try to keep my videos within a 13 second window 11 to 13 second window, it says a limited timeframe means that you will require to put in the most relevant content in the short videos skimming the fluff yatta yatta yatta yatta ye. Okay, yada yada use just a bunch of stuff that this article is more stuff this articles talking about or that particular section.

Quick break in the episode, I want to talk about a resource page that I put together with a lot of helpful things on or something much different than the show notes. So that's things such as our ebooks and audio books, a whole bunch of other resources with affiliate links and things like that. So make sure you check that out at,, check it out, back to the show.

Number three disadvantages, says YouTube shorts. They have an issue with monetization, it says YouTube shorts are not monetized, you actually can get into the shorts monetization program. And all you have to do is just do a Google search on that. And maybe if I, if I've, I'll look forward now I'll put it in the show notes. Let me write that down. YouTube monetization program, DMC shownotes digital marketing creators show notes, Episode 44. Yeah, I'll put that in the show notes. You do have, even though it says it's a disadvantage, YouTube shorts are not monetized. They are monetized. I still would say the disadvantage is it's not the same as the longer form, the longer form. Monetization program is actually better. I will say that that's a disadvantage. And I think the split is like 45% creator 55% YouTube. And I think the way I think the reason they did that, with the short monetization program is because they're allowing you to use I think the music from other creators or what have you saw, or maybe famous artists or whatnot, so that some, I guess they're working out with the people that make the music or you can actually use their sounds or what have you. And I think they get a cut. So that's why it's 45% 55% of the fifth the entire 55% is not going exactly to YouTube is going to the music creator.

All right, says the fourth disadvantage difficult to convert short watches into subscribers. It says there are millions of channels with YouTube shorts, and the high competition on YouTube itself is one of the biggest challenges for creators to bring views. Even if videos can fetch views, it's not certain the viewers will subscribe to your channel. It's unique. It's an undeniable fact that millions of channels and creators increased competition. In the same niches if earning through YouTube is your main motive, choose your niche. After thorough research, I can see that also. I can definitely see that. And that's because think about it when you're watching YouTube shorts, you're scrolling, scrolling through the content, you're scrolling through the content. Now unless you're a creator, that are you see somebody that you've seen before. That's why I encourage maybe two to four videos a day on the sharp platforms in particularly YouTube, so that you can kind of build a content library out there. You always want to build a content library for the viewers of your content and why See you more. Obviously if they see you more they'll want to subscribe. There's certain things you can do also, where YouTube will push your content out to more viewers and get subscribers and things of that nature. It says the summary there's summary on this is says a summary on pros and cons of YouTube shorts for YouTubers with millions of subscribers. shorts are a great way to keep their audience engaged. But if you are new, with unique ideas, you may have to put extra effort to convert viewers into subscribers with the limited number of drawbacks YouTube shorts, surely you take it to make a complicated process. Easy, strategic move from Google to bring attention from viewers and content creators that are quite pan off. If you are planning on to move on to platform make sure you understand the pros and cons of YouTube shorts. Well, well this is a good article. It looks it looks like I've never heard of the site but I was reading an article before and I thought was thought was pretty good. You know it has some good points in it.

I'll leave it in in the show notes at But make sure you check out our private Facebook group Once again the show notes at Digital and a private Facebook group at and our YouTube channel. Sorry In the next episode we're going to talk about few of the key benefits to creating Tik Tok video. So you might want to tune in for that. Thanks for listening to the digital marketing greatest podcast. Thank you and we'll see you in the next podcast almost said video we'll see in the next podcast episode.

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