Is It Really Worth It To Create Short Form Videos [Episode 37]

Digital Marketing Creators Podcast Episode 37

Short form videos are a new trend in the world of content marketing and there are many platforms that allow you to create and share short form video content as we explore in Episode 37.  Short form videos are a new trend in the world of content marketing. It has been proven that people prefer this type of video over long-form videos because it is more engaging and less time-consuming to watch.  People are watching more and more short form videos on YouTube, TikTok, Instagram Reels, Snapchat, and Pinterest Idea Pins. This is because they offer a quick fix for entertainment when people have short attention spans. Short form videos are a great way to get your brand or product in front of a wider audience. CHECK IT OUT!!!

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In Episode 37 of the Digital Marketing Creators Podcast, we're going to talk about is it really worth it to create short form videos, you'll find out in a minute, so stay tuned.

Welcome to the Digital Marketing Creators Podcast where we help creators and entrepreneurs just like you magnify your brand message through digital marketing tips and strategies, and now your host Andre Vaughn.

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Are you sitting on the fence wondering should I create the short form video? Should I create a tic tock? Should I create eight and Instagram reo? Should I create a YouTube short video or a platform for those? And I think the answer unequivocally is yes. Yes, yes. Yes. I think sometimes in not just I guess you can say just for the sake of conversation, sometimes in social media, you you want to be if you're if you're not a first mover in some you want to be right in there right after the first mover's. And I think what's happening right now in the in the social media space with short form content, is that I think these companies are understanding the social platforms. That is I think they're understanding how important content creation is. And if they could, if they could do something in terms of the Reach in terms of of what the users are interested, interested in? I think they're understanding that, why not open it up.

And it's not I think the biggest fear back in the day was they thought, the philosophy, what they're doing, I would interfere with their ad platforms. And it's not, they're still still making money hand over fist. All these companies, whether it's Facebook with all their different properties, even companies like tick tock that's that's their ad business is growing, as well, their entire platform is growing with, you know, the user base, and what have you. And I think that, like I said, I think that one of their biggest fears was interference, interference of the ad platforms with, you know, their organic reach system, because usually what social media companies would do is, when the ad platforms, I guess they have platforms, that would be the last thing they would do. But the reach part, you know, in the beginning of the social platforms, reaching your audience was easy to do. And then once the money start coming in with these social platforms, they will shut that down. All this is still supply and demand, it's all still supply and demand. And that's how they used to base it on when they want to content, they open up everything, and then it'll just start slowing down.

They'll focus on our ad business, when they had enough content, they focus on our ad business. And that was it. Now what they're doing now is they're giving, they're giving more more things to the creators and given us more reach, to reach people. And they see it's not affecting our ad business whatsoever. And I think that's a smart move by them. They see how these interest based platforms and these recommendation based algorithms are doing for them and along with keeping people on the platform all of them that's what they want to do. Everybody wants to keep people on the platform doesn't matter which company it is. That's their goal. Keep people on the platform, and that's why they have all of these different different features and everybody wants to get in a podcast and you want you're gonna see within these next so many years, you're going to see how these platforms implement web three into their her social platforms also you see what Facebook doing with matter, you know, everybody's dealing with the, you know, building their metaverse and all that stuff.

So you see a lot of that as well, you know, you're seeing more and more ecommerce features on these platforms. And that's another real, real big thing you see in a bunch of different hybrid shopping thing. There's more personalization going on, you know, live shopping, all of that stuff as trying to trying to not trying but being implemented on the social media platforms. You know, I mentioned Metaverse, in gaming, you're gonna see a ton of that, that's not going away, that's only gonna get bigger, and bigger. And bigger, not just with Facebook, all all of these others, you know, you when you see one, do it, you're gonna see the other do it. So everybody eventually will implement it, because they don't want to be behind. They want to keep people on their apps.

Quick break. In the episode, I want to talk about a resource page that I put together with a lot of helpful things on or something much different than the show notes. So SAS things such as our ebooks and audio books, a whole bunch of other resources with affiliate links and things like that. So make sure you check that out at Digital Marketing forward slash resources, digital marketing, forward slash resources, check it out, back to the show.

You know, another big thing also is data and privacy, I see a Google announced that they're postponing the end of their third party cookies on Chrome, and just giving the industry more time to innovate for privacy, and anti tracking world because everybody tracks you, whether you want to, believe it, or not, everyone tracks you. And so you know, that's the can't do anything about it, pretty much, that's gonna, that's just gonna happen, you know, using these phones, and, and all of that stuff, marketers will be looking to best analyze data, you know, I read something, I forgot what website it was on. But I read something about I'm talking about a different opportunity, and privacy and data collection and all that talking about for content marketers to really, in order to excel in that space, that content should be, you know, more accessible and comprehensive and have a lot of personality.

And so to collect the best way they feel like to collect the first party data data, for example, the most engaging of of these will get the most attention. So the most engaging of that content will get the most attention. And therefore, it'd be the best way to collect first party data. And I know for some people that went straight through an over your head or whatnot. But this stuff is really important spoke about podcasting, but there's a lot of add opportunities just in the audio space in itself. And this should be no surprise with almost, I mean, there's there's so many podcast listeners, podcasting is is a space where it's becoming so untapped, per se. And I'm kind of using air quotes, because a lot of podcast listeners, but you have a lot of people that still don't even listen to podcast, they have their phones right there. And they're more watching things like YouTube and things like that. But podcasting is so underrated right now.

And especially a space like in gaming, the thing that I've noticed is that in gaming brands are not even using they're not only rather using in game, you know, advertising for like visual ads and things like that. But they're looking to utilize Audio Ads, also audio, podcast, and just all of this stuff, just kind of looking at it as audio don't just look at it as podcasting, because it's not just, it's not just podcasting. In terms of audio, that's definitely something to pay attention to. Another thing that you should, you should look at this is another reason why I think it's really worth it to create short form videos is influencer marketing, you're starting to see a lot more ads on places like Tic tock. But if you really pay attention to the content, it almost looks like they're paid actors, so to speak, using air quotes, again, it looked like they're paid actors, when you see a place where people are talking about their experiences and things like that with a particular product. Those are influencers that's making that content that user generated content, that's what they call it user generated content or UGC, you're gonna see a lot more of that. That's another reason that's an opportunity for content creators. That's why I think that it's really worth it to create short form videos because of the opportunities that can come Amen. But all in all, I really do think is worth it. It's really on you whether or not you want to create it.

The opportunity is there really is, make sure you check out the show notes at Digital Marketing forward slash episode number 37. keep the discussion going. and our YouTube channel Yeah, go out and create create short form videos, man, why not? Why not? Is the area that's there telling everybody? It's hot right now, you can get a lot of views on your videos, you can sell a lot of products and services and you know, things like that. So, so we're all in it for. So thanks for listening. Hey, we'll see you in the next episode of the Digital Marketing Creators Podcast. Thanks, and enjoy.

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Andre L. Vaughn
Andre L. Vaughn

Andre L. Vaughn is a digital marketing content creator and author of "Social Media Simple Marketing" who helps creators and entrepreneurs magnify their brand message to generate leads that convert to sales. He's also a contributor at Addicted2Success, The Good MenProject & Thrive Global, and a graduate at the University of Missouri-St. Louis (B.S. Information Systems & B.S. Business Administration).