What Will Social Media Marketing Be Like In 5 Years? [Episode 40]

Digital Marketing Creators Podcast Episode 40
In Episode 40 of the Digital Marketing Creators Podcast, we’ll discuss: What will social media marketing be like in 5 years. It’s no secret that social media marketing is constantly changing. Every day, there are new platforms, new features, and new ways to reach your audience. Social media marketing has come a long way in a relatively short period of time. What started out as a way for people to connect with friends and family has morphed into a powerful marketing tool that is used by businesses of all sizes to reach new customers and grow their brands. But what does the future hold for social media marketing?
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Social Media Trends   [Web Fx Article]

Future Of Social Media Marketing  [Sprout Social]

Social Media Trends  [Exploding Topics]

Social Media Trends  [HootSuite]

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In Episode Number 40 of the Digital Marketing Creators Podcast, we're going to talk about what will Social Media Marketing be like in five years. Stay tuned.

Welcome to the Digital Marketing Creators Podcast where we help creators and entrepreneurs just like you magnify your brand message through digital marketing tips and strategies, and now your host Andre Vaughn.

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Now, I don't know what social media is gonna be like in five years. But I do know this, I know it's not going to be the same. Nothing stays the same. Whether it's in social media marketing, really anything on online, nothing's gonna stay the same. But there's a few things I'm going to talk about today and have a there's a cool article on Sinemet, his website, it's called Web fx.com, or what have you. And I'll put the I'll put this article in the show notes are talking about a few things are talking about, and I'm gonna go and speak on a few of these.

One of the things that stood out to me and I was thinking about this not too long ago, also, they seem to crack down on misinformation. And you kind of see that right now, especially during, during what I call silly season. And that's the political season here in the US all the usually in election years. You that's what I call silly season, election, election years of silly season, whether it's every two years, every four years or whatnot, you start seeing all this misinformation. And I say in the last several years, social media social platforms has taken more of a proactive stance towards mitigating the spread of misinformation. Facebook and Google have announced that they will ban advertising to sites with illegal misleading and deceptive content, so on and so forth. And you kind of see that now, where you can't even certain things, I noticed how posts, I'll post something. I say on Facebook, and I'm not this, I'm speaking on my personal Facebook, I might post a Tiktok video, something funny or whatnot. But it may have some music in the background, even if you even if you've tagged the artists or if you write out something to the effect of this video is owned by whatever music company or whatever artists that it is, and you say something about the song, I'm usually getting some type of alert from like Facebook or whatnot. So you kind of see that. Now, not just that's not misinformation, but it's more so of, hey, we have these things, we have these boundaries in place, to where not just with music, but with political things, also some kind of kind of seeing that, that change in those algorithms.

The other thing, you're gonna see a lot of increase personalization. And that's the, as they say, as the amount of data available to marketers continued to increase businesses can provide their users and you know, their users with more personalized content. Personalization ensures that you show the right ads to the right people at the right times. And I say, um, they sent a lot of increase in the amount of content published online, and if your social media content lacks personalization, there's less of a chance that it will resonate with users. That is so true. So you, you're gonna see, you're gonna see a lot of that now. Will that be? Will that be the case in five years? Absolutely. Absolutely. You'll see more and more than is, well, no question about it.

Here's the article on Sprout Social. And this article is nine social media marketer predictions, the sales for 2022 but there's something that stood out to me in this article, and talks about one The I guess one of the nine things that they were saying for this year, one person, social teams will become a thing of the past. I think you'll see that within the next five years, no question about it, even though this article says 2022. But I believe you will see that you will see if you ever look at and this is something that I noticed a while back, if you ever look at job descriptions for anything that has to do with social media, the descriptions that and the qualifications and all that it's laughable, because usually what that HR staff is asking for is asking for all of these different things. And no one person can create all those different things on the social media team, or on a marketing team. In this case, on social media team. There's so many different aspects of it. And you have all of these different platforms, you can't have one person doing some but in the past with these and really right now, what a lot of these companies are doing is they're having one person post on their Instagram post on their Facebook, and they're doing all of his posts and no doubt even in the comments engaging. They're not in the comments, you know, asking questions or answering questions half the darn time, the one person social media team, it is definitely going to become a thing of the past, and is definitely going to be something to look forward to within that five year period on social media marketing, whether it's a company or our brand or what have you.

They also say on this article, there was something else. Oh, they spoke about vertical video. My favorite one of my favorite topics right now, it was just saying how vertical video content will become the norm and it will become the norm. It says speaking of tick tock trends, the network has also sparked another emerging norm and has just as a quote from I guess from online reputation specialists or whatnot vertical video, just look around you ever look on something like I don't know if you're in a sports like sports center on ESPN, you see a ton of vertical video, a lot of eSports channels you see a lot of vertical video because people are using social media and they're getting the content from the social media accounts and posting in and a lot of it is vertical video. So it has definitely got to become a thing of the norm even though we see and know what tick tock he is we see and know what Instagram realsies and so on and so forth. You're gonna it's gonna be it's going to be the norm has a lot of people that don't even know they know about Tik Tok. First thing they're thinking is, you know, someone dancing, they really don't know how important these platforms can be for not only for content creators, but for users like them as well.

Quick break in the episode, I want to talk about a resource page that I put together with a lot of helpful things on or something much different than the show notes. So things such as our ebooks and audio books, a whole bunch of other resources with affiliate links and things like that. So make sure you check that out in digitalmarketingcreators.com/resources, digitalmarketingcreators.com/resources, check it out back to the show.

Spoke about how creators and influencers aren't going anywhere. So lady, she's the social content coordinator at Twitter. Danielle Trevino, she says she predict social media influencers will have to work a lot harder to differentiate, differentiate themselves from the pack. She says, as social media platforms become more user saturated, standing out is going to take a lot more elf effort from a creator standpoint, and I can believe that as well. But the creators and influencers they're not going anywhere, but they will have to obviously differentiate from not just one another but from other content creators as producing content on their platform, and they're going to have to be active in doing so. It was a cool article on exploding topics. It's the name of the website exploding topics.com. This was a site I believe this was purchased by Brian Dane, one of my favorite, favorite favorite content creators, one of my favorite digital marketers. And this is called the 14 important social media trends. And there's a few on this article that stuck out to me. I won't read obviously all 14 of them. Not at all. But there's a couple of things that stood out to me and I'm going to discuss them in just a second. Real quick one that stuck out to me is number four on their list. It says social media becomes king of the advertising world, says digital ad spend is soaring more than $521 billion was spent on digital ads in 2021. Un experts say that the number could reach 876 billion almost a trillion dollars by 2026. We're in 2022 now, so in two only 27 in that five year period, that fifth year, it should be around very close, if not exceeding $1 trillion. So it says social media ads are a big part of that spend and 2022. It's expected that companies and that's this year is expected that companies will spend 177 billion on social advertising in the US alone surpassing the amount of ad spend directed at television for the first time in history. Wow says one survey showed that 71% of marketers plan to increase their social ad budget, so on and so forth, there's a chart on here that's showing the digital advertising spending worldwide from it as from 2021 to 2026. On this article, there are predictions and so on, and so forth. So that definitely stood out to me. So it's definitely a place where you should not just want to be someplace that you're going to have to be, it's not going to be too many people that's doing business that's not going to see the power of social media. And they're going to want in because this is where the eyeballs are, there's a lot of gray one and these 14 But this next one is it's there.

Number five, it says and this is so when I read this, or when I read this, just the bells went off in my head ding ding bing bing, bing bing, it says trust and authenticity are the new way to sail on social media that is so true, says the days of hard selling brand for promotions on social media over people won't connect with brands that only talk about themselves and their products. People want useful information that can that they can use in our lives, they want an emotional connection to a brand and that is so true, hey, they're not telling you everything. These are things that I'm seeing these are things that these things that I've spoke about, it says on social brands are tailoring our content so that it tells a genuine story storytelling and builds brand authenticity, says brand authenticity means that a business is true to itself and its customers soldier it also has a chart on consumer reactions to the CEO transparency on social media. So it's going to be a big thing throughout that corporate ladder, not just corporate, but even small brands. Also, it's gonna be very, very important says customers who feel connected to a brand are valuable in many ways, and they are more likely to assess 76% by over a competitor 68% of those people recommend a brand to a friend 64% They'll be loyal to that brand new business and 50% Spend more with the brand A they're telling you right here in this article is a nice article, you want to check this out. I'll leave it in the show notes at DigitalMarketingCreators.com/episode 40.

Here's another article from HootSuite that talks about it also says the nine most important social media trends. So I'll link this up. Also, the one thing actually the one thing in his article that stood out to me was, you will need to learn paid advertising. Even if you don't do ads yet, make sure you check that out nerds, I gotta say it, there's nine of them on here. They're they're really really, really not just informative, but fun for me to read. So hopefully is fun for you. So check them out. That'll be in the show notes. Like I said before it digital marketing craters.com forward slash episode number 40. keep the discussion going in our private Facebook group digital marketing creators.com forward slash group, check out our YouTube channel at Digital Marketing craters.com forward slash YouTube and as you know already, I don't do too many edits. So whatever mistakes I've made, I'll just leave them in here. Make sure you check that out. Thanks for listening to the digital marketing Creators Podcast and enjoy!

As a creator or entrepreneur, you have so many things coming your way in terms of online marketing, digital marketing, and it can be so confusing but we broke it down in this free mini course that we have. It's called the Five Day Digital Marketing Mini Course and you can get that at DigitalMarketingCreators.com/free-mini-course or anywhere on that website you should see something where you can sign up for that free course and it's not a long course he does a real short course and you know we didn't want to take up a lot of your time when we put it together but it kind of guides you through different aspects of of digital marketing and we try to keep it condensed for you. So check that out at DigitalMarketingCreators.com/free-mini-course.

Thanks for listening to the Digital Marketing Creators Podcast at www.digitalmarketingcreators.com.

Andre L. Vaughn
Andre L. Vaughn

Andre L. Vaughn is a digital marketing content creator and author of "Social Media Simple Marketing" who helps creators and entrepreneurs magnify their brand message to generate leads that convert to sales. He's also a contributor at Addicted2Success, The Good MenProject & Thrive Global, and a graduate at the University of Missouri-St. Louis (B.S. Information Systems & B.S. Business Administration).

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