Blogging Tips For Beginners BEFORE Starting A Blog (in 2019)

Blogging Tips For Beginners BEFORE Starting A Blog (in 2018)

*Updated on January 28, 2019 Blogging Tips For Beginners and Small Business in 2019 Blogging tips for beginners and small business are needed before learning how to start a blog post in 2019 and can be helpful. I’ve had a lot of fun writing as of late but sometimes I wish that I had a few…

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How To Use Hashtags: Twitter, Instagram, & Facebook (Infographic)

How To Use Hashtags: The Do's & Don'ts of Twitter, Instagram, & Facebook (Infographic)

Hashtags are used to distribute and find content about a host of different things online in particular social media platforms. From my own research of hashtags there always seem to be a consistent constant with them:  underutilized, overutilized and not utilized at all. With that said, some small business owners and content creators really don’t know…

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10 Easy Ways to Create Facebook Ads (Manager for Your Business)

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Facebook’s advertising platform is like no other that I have seen.   From top to bottom it is simply unique in just about every aspect that I can think of especially for marketing your business through its Ads Manager.   I’ve ‘tinkered’ with some of the other social media and online ad platforms such as…

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Social Media Marketing Strategies: Why I Wrote A Book

Social Media Marketing Strategies Simple

How far have we come with social media marketing strategies on many platforms to propel local small businesses to success or failure?   It’s an interesting question that will lead to many different answers by many business owners and experts but a fair one.   I posed the question because things are always changing and…

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